OT - Devastating Day

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLApril 1, 2012

Our granddaughter's boyfriend and family live just down the road from us. He called her earlier today and told her his house was on fire. Being April Fool's Day, she didn't believe him. She finally called me and asked if there had been any fire trucks go by our house. Sure had! Ended up being at least 8 that I saw. There was an explosion in the garage of their ranch style home and it's a total loss. The dad is away on a business trip; there are four boys, the oldest is in his first year of college, the next one is a senior and the 2 youngest are in middle school.....all homework and textbooks/computers, gone. Meagan stayed with Zac and his mom while DD took the other 3 boys up to KMart to get them some shoes and clothes as they all ran out of the house when the explosion happened and they literally only have what they had on. They stopped by here looking for flip-flops for the boys to wear so they could get into the mall. I know the oldest boys, Zac and Zane, because of Meagan as they're almost always together. Can't remember what the younger boys names are but they begin with Z. Thankfully, they all are physically ok. Unfortunately, the dog they were sitting did not make it. After sifting through the rubble, they found their goldfish alive. Please send prayers and good thoughts to this family......it's been a very long day.


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Oh, gosh, Sharon - that's just awful! Thank goodness they all got out okay.

Let us know if there is a collection of goods or money to help them! I hope they had insurance.


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I am very sorry to hear this news. My prayers go out to the family and all concerned. As much as it has been a tragic day - I am sorry to hear of the loss of the dog - at least they got out alive. May God bless them and help them through this difficult time.


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Thanks for your interest, Donna. The Red Cross has put the family up at a motel and stepdad will be on his way home tonight. According to Holly, the boys rooms are still standing but not sure how much, if anything, can be saved. Master bedroom, kitchen, family room, and garage are gutted. Lost two Harleys, a flats fishing boat, honda accord, and I think their 5th wheel may also be a total loss. They have insurance but not sure how much etc etc etc....the band booster club has offered to help, but I don't think the family really knows what their plan will be until they can all get together. I'm sure they're pretty much numb at this time and it will set in more tomorrow.

We never know what a day will bring.

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Peggy, We must have been posting at the same time. Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate it.

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I'm glad they contacted the Red Cross. They are the pros at handling situations like this and will help guide them to other services.

What a shocking and tragic loss! So lucky the kids are OK.

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What a tragedy. So hard on that family and those that love them. If there's anything we can do to help, let us know when the dust settles. Praying for everyone there.

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Sharon, I read about it when you posed on Facebook earlier and was truly shocked. It must have been a terrible experience for everyone but grateful everyone is safe. If prayer will help I know things will get better.

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I thank you for your thoughts and prayers for this family and they have also issued a big thank you. Yes, I believe prayer is a big help in ways we have no inkling of that takes place in peoples minds and hearts and guides them to do what will be a blessing.

It's been a long day.......

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Oh, Sharon, what a sad story. And I whined when hail destroyed my gardens last year. Sometimes you need to hear a story like this to remind you of how incredibly lucky you are. I hope the family is able to consider their good fortune in that everyone survived and keep their spirits up for the battle ahead. It must be devastating to lose everything. I hope they are able to get all the help they need to reestablish their lives. Maybe a fund will be started for them. Please do let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Lois

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Our internet has been up and down today and I am just reading about this. I am so very sorry. Is there anything I can do to help out. They will certainly be in my prayers.


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What a horrible experience! But very thankful that all the kids are safe and being taken care of.

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A terrible tragedy. Prayers going their way.

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How tragic! It sounds like they are in good hands. Lots of prayers coming their way, too.


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Oh Sharon, what a tragedy.
It must feel so overwhelming for all those involved.
The main thing is that they are safe.I am thankful to hear that.
Prayers for all.


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It is a horrible experience for them, but thankfully everyone escaped without injury or worse. The Red Cross will help them, as will the community. If they have Insurance, they will be okay. They need alot of emotional support - my prayers are with them.

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So glad the family is okay, but what a difficult experience.

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My heart goes out to them, I lost my home to a fire once. Even with insurance you still lose a lot with the prorating and the personal items that only have sentimental value.

In our small town we have a volunteer fire department and that makes me uneasy.

So glad the family is safe.

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Your DD was a sweetheart for taking the boys shopping for clothes. Immediate assistance is a blessing.

I will be continuously praying that the Lord provide for all their needs, especially comfort.


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How tragic but the most important thing is that the family was unharmed. My thoughts and prayers are with this family.


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I haven't heard anything about the family yet today. Ended up 8 firetrucks plus 2 volunteer trucks plus tanker trucks going back and forth for water. Living in the boonies is nice but no fire hydrants. Will update as I get info.


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So sorry to hear this news. Will keep the family in prayer.

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As Lois said, this helps remind me of how lucky I am and keeps all of my trials in perspective. I will pray for this family.


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That day, after the fire, the mom said, "I should thank God more often."

So many blessings are taken for granted - waking up in the morning pain-free, eyesight/hearing, use of arms and legs, having inside plumbing, electricity, coffee makers on a timer so it's ready when we walk into the kitchen, going into a closet full of clothes and shoes, food in the pantry/fridge/freezer, 1-3 vehicles plus motorized toys (bikes, boats, RV's, jet-skis), having a job, having a home to live in, yet, it can all come to an end in an instant. I think 'mom' is right.....


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You are so right, Sharon! It seems so easy to focus on the negative!


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A family up the road from us lost everything in a housefire almost a year ago. It is almost incomprehensible how you start over with just the clothes on your back.

I am rural, and we have a volunteer fire department and squad, but our's are wonderful and it makes me feel safe to know they are there. When they put a levee up for vote, they always get overwhelming support. Ditto their squad. I've had to call them numerous times for accidents near our twisting, winding road and responders show up before the squad can even get assembled. They don't charge highway robbery either for a call like the ones in town do. Laughing about the fire hydrants. They got some sort of grant to do them a few years ago and there literally are some in front of corn fields. We lucked into having one across the road and I didn't waste any time calling my agent to get our insurance deduction for it.

I hope things go gently for this family, and they get settled soon. The trauma, I suspect, never really goes away.

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