Are tiled bathroom floors slippery?

schoolhouse_gwMay 9, 2014

I've been wondering about this and when I saw the post with Linda Ronstadt's room I love the old fashioned looking tile but would worry when stepping out of the tub. I have vinyl tiles in my bathroom and still am wary getting out of the shower unless there is a rug there.

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If it's the shiny tile, yes. Very slippery if there is water on it. We use a bathmat and it's fine.

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very, if it's wet. bathmat cures all.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes it can be....they have ratings on tile for how slippery they are and the smaller the tile, the more grout so the more grip....definitely don't want glossy tile on the floor.

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Our bathroom floor is from the 60's (I think). My DH recently slipped on the tile and landed with his armpit over the edge of the bath tub. He fractured 3 ribs. Needless to say, it's been a pretty miserable month around here. The percocet helped, but he's still not 100%.

Yes, tile floors can be slippery. And non-skid mats work well for wimps that use them. You can tell which category DH fell, if you'll pardon the pun, into.

I may have to glue the mats to the floor.....


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It depends on the tie. There are ratings for slipperiness. And grout helps so small tiles with lots of grout are less slippery. Moat surfaces are slippery when wet. . . . .

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I agree with crl. If you get small tiles, like hexagons, that have a lot of grout, it won't be slippery. Some floor tiles have a texture to them and are less slippery. Of course grout was invented by the devil and requires more upkeep, especially in a damp environment.

Before choosing bathroom tile, be sure to get a full size sample and pour water on it. Then rub your foot over it to see if it is slippery.

I wish I'd known all this before i remodeled my bathroom because mine are very slippery. I use bath mats.

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And those little throw rugs will slip every time. So make sure your rug is one designed to not slip.

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I think there's some kind of sealant to make them less slippery .
Isn't there ?

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The small hexicon tiles that are glossy that came with my townhouse in all the bathrooms are so slippery. One day I will replace them with a rough tile that is not slippery when wet.

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I have three bathrooms with tile and none of them are slippery. Two have porcelain tile that is in a matt finish and they are not small tiles except for inside the shower. The other is a ceramic tile also in a matt finish. All of them have rectified tile so that I have tiny grout lines. Easier to keep clean! I also put heat under the tiles and LOVE it.

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I chose nonslippery tile for my foyers that is not shiny or slippery even when wet. That is what I want also in my bathrooms one day. I also would love heat under my tiles in my Master Bathroom like dancingqueen has.

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I know your original post was about vinyl, but a good rule of thumb is if it's shiny or glazed, expect slipping, ceramic or porcelain or vinyl. The least slippery in general may well be color body porcelain with good texture; no glaze.

I has a slip a dozen years ago. Now there's NO ceramic on the floor and the house is fully tiled in porcelain except for one reach-in closet in my son's room but that's OK since no civilized person would ever go in there.

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What Annie says

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Here's some information on choosing bathroom tiles. Look for a coefficient of friction greater than 0.6:

The Coefficient of Friction establishes how much effort it takes to move an object across the face of the tile dry or wet. This is vitally important when choosing floor tile in an attempt to minimize slip and fall injuries. For example, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that floor surfaces be stable, firm, and slip resistant. The ADA recommends a COF of 0.6 or greater on flat surfaces and 0.8 on ramps and inclines, but there are no laws or standards specifying the COF.

Furthermore, the method of measurement must be specified in order for this to have technical meaning. In the US, we use the ASTM 1028 sled method where a 50-pound weight is placed on a sled with a special material (to represent a shoe sole) contacting the tile which is then pulled by an operator using a fish-scale. It is a dry measurement although it can be performed wet with water for investigation. The pull force needed to just start the sled moving, divided by the 50-pound weight determines the COF. Example: if it takes 30 pounds of pull to start the sled, divide this by 50 and you get 0.6, just enough for the ADA recommendation.

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