What to do with Pendleton wool pieces?

mbarstowApril 23, 2012

I have just acquired some wonderful Pendleton wool plaid fabric (about 1 yd. each) and camel hair. Anyone have any ideas what I could creatively do with it? I thought of just cutting it into 6'' squares and making a blanket, but I'm open to all suggestions.

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Look up how to do felting. People now throw wool into a washer and hot dryer and take the resulting "felt" and make bags that are wonderful. I don't have the websites but if you look around, there's bound to be info out there. I know there are books about making bags from felted wool.

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Bags, hats, scarves... Lots of options for 'wearables'.
But a warm wool quilt with a soft flannel backing - that would be hard to resist!

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Thanks, I agree a quilt with flannel backing is hard to beat.

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Go to Google, click on Images at the top of the page and do a search for wool quilts! LOTS of great ideas! I was amazed at how intricate some of the designs are; I would stick with something simpler and let the fabric be the star but you'll see many beautiful quilts and it might give you some ideas. Even a simple 6" block with a few applique pieces might be really spectacular!

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Since I like the southwestern look I would be making throw pillows!

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Yes........a wool quilt. My MIL used to make them and they are still going strong to her grandchildren's generation. One doesn't get any warmer than wool or down.

I make rugs as well and just for the fun of it, Google Penney rugs.

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