Frameless Cabinets comparable in cost to Kraftmaid

lothiaApril 15, 2013

I have been trying to find information about frameless cabinets that are pretty comparable to price to Kraftmaid or Thomasville. I'm not looking for the huge amount of options as my kitchen is a small 11 box area with all basic cabinetry.

The only important things about my cabinet are that I am looking for a thin(2.25") shaker cherry cabinet. The rails and hinges I prefer to be at least blum or something equivelent. Other then that I don't need anything customization further then 42" uppers and pullouts.

I've heard about Brookhaven's but it seems like it would be quite a bit more costly. As well Ikea doesn't work because their blind corners are too large for my space and I want a double pullout and they don't offer those.

Edit: I have been dealing with HD for Kraftmaid (looking at customs but they are not getting anywhere near in price) but none have mentioned this Kraftmaid Venecia, is it offered there? Their official site doesn't show anything searching Venecia.

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Try Marsh cabinetry their Highpoint line is frameless. Also check out Bridgewood they have a semi custom line called Advantage but they do custom work too. Kitchen Craft, Ultracraft and Dura Supreme are other lines that might be comparable.
Be sure to check out the way the cabinets are constructed. Make sure you really are comparing "apples to apples" .

My pricing for Bridgewood (mix of Advantage line and custom) came in considerably lower than Ultracraft or the Dura Supreme Alectra line. I didn't price the Kitchen Craft because there is not a dealer near me. But it is the cabinet line that is currently in my home and I have been happy with them (although I see thru my research they are not constructed the same today as they were 20 years ago).

Hope this helps.

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Venecia has been discontinued.

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I have Bellmont 1900 series in my living room waiting for install. They are slightly more than Kraftmaid was, but that can vary. The Bellmont 1600 series is probably close in price if I had to guess.

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my Bridgewood Advantage are being installed as I type. They were less than Kraftmaid and look absolutely beautiful! Can't wait till they are in!

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Thanks for the feedback
It appears Marsh Cabinetry doesn't sell in the PNW.
I have been looking at the Bellmont lines as they are built in WA but their prices appear to be 20% or so higher then those from Kraftmaid I have seen. Those of you that have them, do you know what the door glide brand is (they don't look like blum).

I am looking a the Bridgewood Advantage line but they don't appear to have a skinny shaker or even a regular shaker with full overlay in their options. They have blum for their glides though which is good.

I will check out Ultracraft and the Dura Supreme Alectra line but sadly the Kitchen Craft store closed in December here.

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I am getting the wide rail shaker in Bridgewood. They have normal shaker also. Not sure about the skinny shaker.....

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Hello Lothia..

I have a private label solution for you and I can deliver to the PNW.. I do frameless or framed.. I have the door you want and the hinge/slide combination. If you send me your design and quote and I provide you with options.

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I'm a KD and have found Holiday Kitchens frameless line to be VERY competitive with KraftMaid. In their semi-custom Estate line and their newer line (I forget it's name....budget)...has priced out LOWER than KraftMaid. Check out their website...there is a dealer in PNW. You can get wood doors, foil, laminate...hi gloss, low gloss, matte finish at no upcharge on real wood. I have been a dealer of Holiday for about 16 years. THey are a good company. I recently did a desk for a home office in frameless matte foil white. The client LOVES the cabinets.

By the way, their frameless series is call Robin Wilson Home....after the famous designer. I've included a weblink for you below.

Good luck!

Dealer locator
Independent Holiday Kitchensâ dealers located throughout the U.S. can assist you in designing a quality kitchen with the form, function and style to complement your life.

We located 1 dealer within 200 miles of the 98101 zip code...
All distances are approximate.

Change Distance: Miles or Search Again

Ovation Design Build
5833 Jean Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Click here for Map & Directions

Phone: 503-635-3456
Fax: 503-635-4076

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Kitchens: Frameless (Robin Wilson Home)

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Have you gotten a quote from Brookhaven yet? I priced out Kraftmaid and Brookhaven and my quote for Brookhaven was actually less. It wasn't an apples to apples comparison, but the layout didn't change that much.

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Have you looked at Innermost at Home Depot?

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Innermost is made by Medallion Cabinetry. Independent dealers call it DesignCraft. It's nice stuff, but I believe it's more expensive that KraftMaid and Holiday Kitchens.

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Thanks all for the replies, I wish gardenweb emails responses correctly (doesn't seem to).

kdinca - I will send you an email later tonight, if I do not please send me a message on here to remind me as it has been a long day at work.

kompy - That sounds great but I don't know if they would actually do a delivery to my area (I'm PNW, but Seattle). I will definitely check them out.

tam184 - I am in the process of getting a quote from Brookhaven I will be surprised if they come under the Kraftmaid price as their site looks a lot nicer, but I would love to have at least a semi-competitive price from Brookhaven. I am going to actually see them on Monday, but their site and the reviews of them + Woodmode on this site have made them look really good already.

lotsapatience - Yes I did, though when I got the quote it was only $500 more then the Kraftmaid (the cabinets were only $200 more but the panels and molding were $300+ more). However after the Kraftmaid discount of $1000 + free sink and Innermosts lack of deals currently (have free height modifications but that doesn't help me with 42" cabinets) causes the price to be $1800 higher. That's roughly 28% higher, I'm okay with a premium for frameless but not 28%. However soon with their free sinkmat, trash box and shipping that may lower to $1100 or so which would be more competitive.

kompy (again) - I didn't know that Innermost was from Medallion Cabinetry, I thought it was from the Elkay company. I will definetly look at DesignCraft now as I did quite enjoy the Innermost line.

One other thing I was wondering about: Lowes in the PNW and California sells a new line of Frameless cabinets which are their version of the Bellmont 1600, they are priced pretty competitively with the Innermost line (though their BMSM program is lower), they lack a lot of things, such as only having 1 type of trash box (15" or 18") instead of the 3 or so different most lines carry. Is this the same for the Bellmont 1600 line and how have people enjoyed them? Also does anyone the glides on those, they were some APB company from what I heard which seems really bad.

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Sorry for doing a double post, I see no option to send PM's in this forum (sad). kdinca could you please throw me an email at

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I was able to get a quote for my Brookhaven, it was roughly twice the end quote price I got for Kraftmaid, so I don't think I will be continuing with that line.

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Try Jim Bishop frameless.

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After seeing this post, I did look at the Innermost Kitchen Cabinets at Home Depot and they have several off-whites and cherry stains I loved including a shake door style I liked a lot. I will get a quote from them when I have time and compare with the other companies mentioned and share with this forum when I have more time. Thank you everyone for letting me know about the frameless kitchen cabinet companies that may be within budget. I want full overlay and frameless to give me more room in my small kitchen.

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I got a pretty competitive quote on the Smithville Cabinetry Heartland (H-Series) Series, which is frameless and comes in a lot of different styles and finishes.

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Thanks Legallin for letting us know about Smithville Cabinetry Heartland (He-Series) frameless cabinets. I will see where they are sold to get a price from them also.

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Lynn2006, I'm sure you know about Barkers, but am putting it up here as another option for consideration. They are coming out with a medium stain in all of their woods this September. (After they came out with 2 white painted options in January.)

Fully customizable, plywood boxes. They are on our short list. I'm also still considering Bellmont 1600/1900, which apparently can be mixed and matched to keep prices down.

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Had we not gone with a local custom cabinet company, we would have used UltraCraft. They were less than the KraftMaid quotes that we got and KraftMaid doesn't even do frameless. I've also seen some pretty good feedback on UltraCraft and they do sizing down to the nearest 1/8", not 3" like some others do (e.g. KraftMaid).

Here is a link that might be useful: UltraCraft

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Thank you gpraceman for letting me know about Ultracraft. I will try to find a showroom near me to look at the cabinets since they looked nice online and I like that they are frameless.

Steph2000, thank you for reminding me about Barkers Cabinets.

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