poolguynj-PB recomendations Burlington county nj

WetBehindEarsGuySeptember 2, 2011

Poolguynj your knowledge in the field is impressive to say the least.

Looking for your suggestions for PB in the Hainesport area. We are just in discovery process and are a bit ovewhelmed with all of the choices. My wife and I are leaning towards a gunite pool, however we have not ruled out fiberglass or liner. Looking to spend in $35-40k range if possible and 600 to 700 sq ft size. Installtion would hopefully be next spring

Thanks for your help


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We're in Northern Burlington Co. and just installed a fiberglass pool this spring. We used Seasonal World, next to Great Adventure. We had no problems throughout the entire process, except that it took an extra week to have our pool come from the manufacturer in FL. (San Juan Pools - Stardust model)
Tony, the owner, was on-site throughout the process, and he's a no-nonsense guy. I even had his personal cell number to ask any questions. Great experience all around... especially when there's so many things that can go wrong!

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Thanks jerseypool! It's funny you mention Seasonal World as we were just at great adventure today and i saw a big display from them. We will most def consider them as I have heard other good reviews regarding their work.
If you don't mind me asking, how competative is their pricing?

Thanks again

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Seasonal World has made some really significant improvements in customer service during the build. They build all three, liner, f/g, and gunite.

I have worked on a number of their liner pools over the years. They've done some awesome waterfalls too.

The market in our area is always competitive. I have found Seasonal World's QA to be high. They used to be a Pentair shop but now use Jandy.

I would avoid Pool Town. While smaller pumps and bigger pipes make a more efficient design, I have repeatedly found they will do some things that are just plain dumb. I have seen:
1) 2" plumbing above ground but 1.5" flex in the trenches.
2) 24" Sand filters which have 1.5" internals and 2" MPVs.
3) Hayward CL200 in line chlorinators which restrict flow to 3/4".
4) 2HP pumps
5) Hayward equipment. I am not their biggest fan.

The above list is frequently on the same system. If they can cut a corner, they will. They often are a lowest bidder and it shows. The owner doesn't really seem to care either. I have mentioned these deficiencies to him while happenstancing at a distributor's location and he blew me off like I had no clue.

They do have a few techs that are really good and some that are as lame as can be. Often, the techs are too hamstrung by company policy to do the right things and often, this leads to frustration for everyone else involved.

P-T is not alone in this behavior. They are fairly large and have some substantial resources and the smaller builders have to stay competitive.

Many times, homeowners put too much into the weight of lowest bidder.

Often, a salesman is a used car salesman. The rep from a smaller builder is often the owner. Big difference in knowledge. Both require you know what you want but for different reasons. Either can be a sheister. Find a builder that is a straight shooter, gives you the pluses and minuses freely and openly and you will likely have found your PB.

Bringing a pool into this world is not unlike finding a spouse and having a baby in many ways. Sounds weird but it is true, none the less. To those that have been through the process, I would love to see your thoughts on this.


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I received quotes from Seasonal World, Pool Designs (in Yardville), and Water World (in S. Jersey). To be truthful, all the quotes were about the same, but I was more interested in the fiberglass pool manufacturer that we could choose, and also (this is the biggie...) installation practices.

Seasonal World allowed me to choose a San Juan pool (actually one of four fiberglass companies they use), and that was a plus for us... as we wanted San Juan from the beginning. Water World manufacturers their own make, and Pool Designs had us looking at Viking's "off-brand".

Also, Seasonal World is a member of, and checks out with, the BBB.

Scott is correct, we received Jandy equipment, but early on, I remember Tony stating that "we'll get you whatever you want, but we prefer Jandy, as we use them a lot". I like flexibility.

We also received our Jandy PDA, and entire salt system for free, as they had a Facebook promotion a year ago that offered 50% off an in-pool cleaning system, or a free salt system. We got the AquaLink RS enclosure, AquaPure AND the PDA all for free.

Another thing that made us feel comfortable: We actually started with Seasonal World in the spring of 2010. We got the ball rolling, and gave them a little under $14,000 to start on their end. However, our township was giving us a problem with a fence, and a landscape easement. After a Planning Board meeting, when it looked like a pool wasn't going to be in our future (this was the beginning of fall, 2010 by now...) Tony asked, without hesitation, if we would like him to send our money back. No monkey business.... nothing shady... no trying to sell me on a different product... (We got the fence issue resolved, and the installation went ahead this spring...)

We went with the San Juan Stardust = around $33k completely installed. (It's roughly 16' x 38') This included excavation, dirt removal, grading, the pool, installation of all RIGID 2" PVC piping, choice of filter, pump, 2 skimmers, 2 bottom drains, 4 returns, sump line (under the pool), 3' regular concrete w/ cantilevered edging, electrical, maintenance kit and on-site "pool school" to get us going. Since it has an AquaPure chlorine generator, they brought 12 40-lb bags of Morton's pool salt. They came back afterwards and graded out all the tire ruts made by their equipment. They sub contract electrical and concrete, but they come back to check on the work that was done.

Extras WE added: 2 led lights (that work with the PDA), pool tile, a smart mesh safety cover (which they'll be installing shortly) and stamped concrete. When all was done, we ended up around $38-39-ish... We were NOT trying to find the cheapest pool builder... we wanted it done once, and done correctly, and we had a budget around $40k anyways, so we did just fine in this regard. If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn't have changed a thing. Hope this helps a little!

Here's our pool:

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Poolguynj thank you for the insight and heads up regarding pooltown! We are also not looking for the cheapest pb, however we don't want to taken to the cleaners either. That being said are ther any other companies you would consider other than Seasonal World? We would like to have at least three quotes.

Jerseypool, thank you for all your information including te pricing! You have an awesome pool and wish you the best of luck with it

Thanks again to both of you as you probaly saved me a months worth of research haha!

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Pool Designs does Liberty and Viking primarily. And they do it very well. They are also flexible on what equipment. To this day, if I get stuck on a F/G issue, I know I can always call the owner and that he'll take my call and take the time to answer whatever. If he ever needed me to do him a favor, I would in a heart beat.


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Im a senior designer for Seasonal World I would love to discuss your project with you, depending on what material you choose I could recommend some other reputable builders for quotes. As Scott said I'm one of very few companies that offer gunite,fiberglass and both steel and concrete walled vinyl liner. We handle all projects start to finish. My email is scott@seasonalworld.com. Thanks

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Poolguynj thanks for the additional informtion, we will check out pool designs especially if we go with f/g

Topfiftybuilder thanks for your contact info I will reach out to you via email

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Jerseypool, congratulations your pool is lovely! We are big fans of the cantilever edging as well. Your 3' ribbon looks like stamped concrete. Is that correct? More importantly, is it sealed and did you use a non skid additive? Most people tell me to stay away from stamped concret, Pool Guy Scott being one of them. :))

But we just love the look. Thanks for your info.

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I never said stay away from stamped. I don't like the anti-skid additives to sealers as they can increase the road rash kids get when they do slip.

I happen to love Jerseypool's deck. I think it looks really sharp.


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I was just teasing you Scott. I value your experience and input very much.

It's all in the happiness of the pool owner. Although we are definitely using A&S for our pool install, we are undecided about the decking because we do not want to spend the rest of our lives saying "please be careful or you will slip". Just trying to figure it all out and this forum helps so much.

I do agree with you, Jerseypool's deck is very sharp.

Which is why I was curious if they sealed it or not and if so, what did they use?

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It's tinted, stamped concrete. No, we haven't applied any sealants. Pool co. guarantees 10 years on buckling, cracking or heaving. We followed the instructions from the concrete co. to a "T".

The stamped concrete was one of four "extras" we added to the pool, and it gets the most compliments. It was also loads of fun watching them "stamp" the concrete!

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