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diypoolproSeptember 19, 2010

I have enjoyed reading all the posts in this pool/spa forum and it has given me a valuable insight to how and what homeowners are thinking about and their concerns as well as the other comments from pool professionals.

I am a high end pool builder and I enjoy building top quality swimming pools. At one point I did build swimming pools without structural and geotechnical engineering. As an APSP Certified Building Professional, I no longer compromise on building inground concrete pools without SITE SPECIFIC STRUCTURAL AND GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING as recommended by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

I think this is a fantastic service for the community and offers the possibility of gaining new found knowledge about issues related to the pool/spa industry.

I simply have no more time available to participate here but I am glad that and hopeful that I was able to contribute in some way, hopefully positively.

All the best to everyone!

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In the last 8 days that you have been registered on this site your input has been let's say incredulous.


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I feel like I just missed the school bus while I was running back into my house because I forgot my lunch.

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A pool builder that is a pro but is a Do It Yourselfer when it comes to pools?????

His or someone elses?

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Your 8 days of service will not soon be forgotten.


Forgot my lunch,

Got to run.

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Stay please.... I don't have enough material for my stand up act yet..

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All I want to say is I am disappointed in this thread.


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