Concrete step?

SpeisFamilySeptember 21, 2012

So they finished the rebar and we noticed that the top step was missing. With our design there are 4 steps and the top step is at 0 because it is even with top of tiling as it is on the same side as our raised bond beam so the tile line/1st step is actually 12" down from the coping/decking. Link below with pictures for a better idea of what I am talking about.

The problem is the top step is missing. There is no rebar or earth forming it. So now it looks like we have a 3ft drop to the 1st step. We called PB who said that the top step would be formed from concrete as it will be exposed to the elements and gunite would not work well. My questions are:

1. Will the concrete adhere to the gunite sufficiently?

2. Will the concrete hold up to being exposed to the water (ozone system)?

3. Don't they still need to rebar the concrete step?

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Concrete and gunite are the same in that they still contain portland cement and an aggregate. Whether a builder uses shotcrete or gunite does not matter as long as you are using the right p.s.i.. At least 4,000 p.s.i. or better.

It will adhere to the gunite although I do not understand why he does not just shoot it with the rest of the pool. If he is using the right strength it should not be an issue.

Unless you add an admixture to the gunite that makes it waterproof no gunite or concrete is waterproof.Using a higher strength concrete will help make it more and lessen nthe possibility of a leak. I'm sure he has plans to cover it with tile or stone. Just makes sure he puts a waterproof material on it.

They do not need to rebar the step since it is non structual.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I feel a little better now :)

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