Help! Cut line to aquapure SWG!

marta_pSeptember 9, 2012

I was weeding and accidentally cut the line connecting my SWG to the control box. My service company isn't open. Can anyone suggest a temporary solution? Should I shut down the pool? Turn something off? Please advise. Thanks so much, Marta

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Marta, there are 2 cables from the aqua pure cabinet to the salt cell. One is a black power cable with a thick flat plug at the end that mounts on 3 metal prongs on the cell itself, the other is a grey flat cable for the sensor used to check salinity and temp.

If you cut either of these, you need to shut down the SWG system until the pool guy can look at it.

My pool has the option to turn off the Aquapure system and just run the pump. If you have that option you can do so.

If you have a PDA it is under menu, then you will see Aquapure, set it to zero. Remember you will only see the Aquapure option under Menu if the pump is running.

If not, just turn the whole setup off.

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thanks goyom! It was the grey flat cable. I set the pda to 0% and tried to turn the system off, not sure if it worked completely, but it said "cell reversing" when I left for work. Can you tell me how I will know if I can turn off the aquapure w/o turning off the pump? I called the service company and am waiting to hear back. thanks again, Marta

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