Which new pool vac?

qdwagSeptember 14, 2010

after 3+ years my crummy Mars pool vac is slowly dying..Very slow,and won't speed up when adjusting it..Borrowed neighbors Pentair and it worked fine..anyway, what do you recommend?like to keep the cost less then 1000 bucks? Have considered Water Tech Blue Sapphire or Pearl,saw some decent prices on it..The Blue Diamond i can get for just over 1K,but would rather not spend that much..Thanks in advance (used to frequent this site 8+ years ago when we built our 1st pool,moved,and now have built our 2nd)


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I'm a firm believer in the Polaris 280 booster assisted pool sweep.

See ya,

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Interesting to note in connection with husky's recommendation that the 280 is on sale at Amazon for a bit over $400 compared to original over $700. Also interesting to note it scores higher than any of the other similar Polaris sweeps though given only a limited number of reviews

Warning however (a) don't believe that price includes the booster and

(b ) If it's like my 380 it doubtless has dozens of moving parts so if you run it for hours a day as with your circulator you'll find it difficult and expensive to repair. If the lower price owes to its going out of production, also, you might wonder whether spare parts will be available indefinitely, while

(c) Also if it's anything like my 380 the first part to wear out will be the bag which you will be horrified to learn costs $33. If we're lucky though its base also can be disassembled so you can replace the bag with one of your own making

Aftr some experimentation I can elaborate if you wish

(c) My 380 it keeps the walls fairly clean except for spots on the bottom it totally ignores until you readjust the jet whereupon the detritus begins collecting at another location

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Thanks for the insight,much appreciated..I will look into the 280,i don't need the booster,as my pump works fine,just the pos Mars cleaner is gasping for life...

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If you are going to use the 280 cleaner it will require a booster pump.

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qd I suppose irish is right unless you have a very special circulator pump with a powerful auxiliary output

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I currently have a "pump" that i turn on for the Mars cleaner,do i need another one? i have borrowed a polaris and it works fine(i think it was a 280)

The Mars is a side pressure type vac..maybe i'll take a picture and someone can educate me,if i am wrong



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Any booster pump will work. It does not have to be a Polaris pump to run the Polaris 280. I agree that the Polaris 280 is a very reliable cleaner. There are some others, but that is a very good one. Short answer: if your pump work nows, you will not need a new one to power the 280

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