terra cotta color tile --- BATHROOM floor?

elleninmaineMay 1, 2014

hi again...

would like to use this terra cotta color tile in entry, hallway, and laundry room. tile is not porous/imported.

***Question:would it look odd in the master bathroom off the hallway?

(this is photo of kitchen floor in maine that i am giving up for the urban farmhouse in upstate new york)

have not yet picked out anything for bathroom but thinking very simple.

thanks much.

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To me, it is a classic and can be used anywhere. You may want to heat in in your MBA.

Urban upstate?

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Looks perfect from a bath.

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I have a neighbor who rescues animals and after about 5 redo's of hardwood flooring in 10 years, she went to this and I like it much better than hardwood as far as aesthetics and maintenance.

Wish I could do that. I can never seem to keep my hardwood clean for more than 2-3 minutes at a time. This manufactured hardwood is not like real hardwood from the previous centuries.

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I love your Wire Fox! I had one for years.

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It comes down to taste. I really dislike the Saltillo type tiles and so far have ripped out about 1600 sq.ft. of it in kids playroom, office laundry, hall bath, garage entry and patio. The master bath is next where in addition to the orange/red tile, I also have dark green tile. Too dark for me.

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But the really important question is: are you decorating the kitchen to match the dog?

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well, new plan needed. chspa will be happy to hear that the tile has been discontinued. sales guy said nothing even close. just not in style, he said.

okmoreh...kitchen floor will be wood in a shade to match the dog's brown head (of course)

so back to the drawing board.

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Gee.......if you Google terra cotta tile, there seem to be plenty of places still selling it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Country Floors Terra Cotta Tile

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thanks beverly 27. silly me didn't realize i was calling only one of many "distributors" for the tile i want.
i thought i was talking to the guy who was cutting them out of the raw clay. shame on me,
so i did the google and found other places. for a minute there i thought i'd be the only one with that floor (though i did see some on houzz so i know it's safe , style-wise. tee hee.
again, thanks again beverly27 maybe i'll locate something cheaper!

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I answered on another thread ...

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I have had Mexican tile (goes by different names) and a clay glazed textures tile from Spain in two different homes. The pros of both is that they hide a lot from dogs and kids. ConâÂÂs on regular Mexican tile is that itâÂÂs thick so you may not have a smooth transition from one floor to another. Also, itâÂÂs a stinky mess when it comes to resurfacing and unless you are a DIY sort it can be costly. I had a problem once when it came time to have another clear coat put on, I had a certain brand that I used and requested that brand with the guy doing the work. Of course he did not pay attention and used some cheap stuff that reacted with my brand. What a nightmare that was, should have just done it myself. In another home I bought a clay tile from Spain. It was thinner and had a baked on glaze. Loved that as I had over 2000 sf of tile and could cheat on cleaning days as it hid dirt.

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Thanks, jterrilynn I am looking for the porcelain
Tiles that look like Tera cotta Should have been
More specific!

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I can't help with the tile but here's your cute little dog pix as a watercolor.

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THANK YOU hhireno. that's art!

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We have smaller terracotta tiles in our half bath. I really like them. They have held up well. I think these are 6 x 6". ??? Decorative tiles interspersed.

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I love those terra cotta tiles. I have the same in my foyer and they've been there for over 30 years. It's always great coming in from the snow and not worrying about damaging them...easy clean up.

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thanks madcosta. easy cleanup says A LOT!

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hi nosoccermom (i have a 22207 zipcode in my past)

not sure what you meant -- "assuming that the rest of the rooms goes with the style." the photos you posted were bathrooms of very different styles (all gorgeous) or did you mean all MY rooms had to go with the terra cotta color (porcelain) tiles. hoping to use those tiles in entry, 1st floor hallway, laundry and bath. would greatly appreciate your views since nothing is done yet except layout. SOS! thank you.

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No, I meant that the tiles go with a wide range of bathroom styles (and tried to post examples that aren't obviously Mexican style). However, not all styles of bathrooms, or rooms, for that matter would go with these kind of tiles.

Didn't mean that EVERY room in the house has to go with these tiles, just the rooms that have the tiles.

IMO, these tiles go with a more rustic style, whether more contemporary or traditional. For instance, I don't see them with very formal furniture, marble counters, and crystal chandeliers --- although some elements of the above would work with them, too. Like this entry has a (simple) chandelier but still some rustic wood and natural colors.

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I have a friend with five kids who ripped out the terra cotta floors in her kitchen and breakfast nook. Hers were very rustic. She liked the look and they hid a lot of dirt.

But ... because of the nooks and crannies and bumps and tumbled edges the floors never really looked clean. And when she did try to sweep and mop, she had to get down on her hands and knees to dig the dirt out of the rustic part.

So, I guess my advice is to not go too rustic because they may not be as carefree as they look.

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ok, nosoccermom, now i understand. thank you. if i can get the tiles, will do rest of bathroom in a way to blend. (will hear your voice in my ear)

the style of my small house (total reno) is going to be simple but eclectic. leaning toward contemporary and away from country.

so, in your opinion, could i use this light fixture? i posted in lighting to ask what i need for parts, but no one has answered yet. again---thanks.

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thanks, deee, the terra cotta tiles i want are really imitation terra cotta. they are porcelain and very durable but have a look similar to terra cotta. have in my kitchen now. (but am moving)
but you make a very good point, thank you,

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That's a cool lamp. Maybe with some dark simple wood, like the last bathroom pic above? Or maybe grey like the grout lines?

Is this too country?

Too traditional?

Showing the second picture of the bathroom --- kind of cool with the more contemporary vibe.

This post was edited by nosoccermom on Sun, May 4, 14 at 8:17

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the traditional bathroom is spot on, NSM, and probably the size that i will be working with. i had been thinking simple white tile would work best and the photo showed just that. hadn't thought about the grout-grey wall though..very sharp. thanks!

now my idea is to get all the smart GW'ers to do a virtual decorator's house for me.

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So, since this light fixture is Art Nouveau or Jugendstil (Germany), you could stay in that period and go with art like those posters by Toulouse-Lautrec or Klimt. Or those magazine covers. Or a photo of a building of that period, ideally something that has meaning to you :)


Paris Metro



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Hate to be a downer here, feel like I shouldn't comment. But we removed over 3,400 sq. ft. of clay tile about two years ago in our Florida house. Granted the whole exterior was also painted peach. The tile was too peach, and I didn't want to be tied into that color for the whole house forever. We had orange dust in the house for a long time, since it was clay thru and thru, and was very thick. Had to use a jack hammer like to remove. That said, I do like the clay tile that is more yellow or burnished brown to look like leather. I am sorry. If you love it, please go for it. I would try not to go too orange or bright. You gotta love the peach wall unit Habitat for Humanity took away.

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ouch, voila, 3400 sf would make a lot of dust. appreciate your comments.

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I had real terra cotta tiles throughout my last home. I'm not sure if there is a significant difference in what you're talking about and what I had, but I do want to point out one MAJOR problem with what I had: they are very slippery when wet! In a bathroom with a tub and/or shower (versus a powder room without either) , that can be a very dangerous floor! Been there. Our last home was designed and built by and for a confirmed bachelor playboy. It was beautiful, but proved not to be very practical. I should also mention that I went through 8 housekeepers in 9 years, because they hated with a passion cleaning those floors. I did, too. When we designed this house, we went with all brick floors. As much as I love the look of terra cotta floors, and they look especially great out here in New Mexico in our adobe homes, I personally never want them again for the above reasons..

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thank you lynninnewmexico,
you make a good point about slippery tiles in a bathroom, that factor is on my list but i will pay even more attention based on your thoughtful comments.
am chuckling over what other "features" your bachelor left behind.

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Voila, I know that dust too well! Ours was also jackhammered out and although we used plastic to contain it, that wasn't 100% effective. It was hard to vacuum and a damp rag was the only good way to get things clean.

I'll have the "pleasure" of going through that same process in a few weeks when the GC jackhammers about 300 sq.ft of the stuff out of the master bath. Three more bathrooms left after that!

The uneven surface of the Saltillo tiles is not comfortable or safe to walk on, my DH hated trying to roll his office chair on it and DS hated not having a flat surface to build his Lego's on. It sounds like eleninmaine is going with a flat porcelain tile, which should avoid many of these issues.

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This is what I want for my bathroom. They are 6" hex tiles from Arto Tile. They also do terra cotta ones, but I like the colourway below because it's a little different while still having that rustic feel. Because the surface looks rough, I'm assuming it would be non-slip. I think it will look nice beside the oak floors in my hall.

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thanks, feisty68, for link to arto tiles. very, very beautiful.

you made me realize that what makes tiles less slippery underfoot is also what makes them more likely to collect dirt.

i was hoping to use same tiles in entry, halls, laundry AND bathroom. i need to rethink.

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i doubt if porcelain tiles would be slippery if they are made for the floor---- glazed terra cotta tile, may be very different.
i like the arto tile!

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Yes, the hex tiles I posted would for sure be dirt-catchers ;)

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I'm so happy to see a pic with the terra cotta floor and white subway tiles. We are about to redo a 1930s guest house and it has original Saltillo tiles (and some beautiful Malibu Tile work) and want to try and keep them with classic looking bathroom.

I've grown up in a house with them, so havent know much else, they do hide a multitude of sins with 3 dogs but you have to enjoy the patina (maybe much like the patina of marble)

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The Arto tiles I linked to above - $18/sf, not including installation. YIKES.

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the suggested retail is high but quantity gets the price down quickly. reach out & we can find a dealer near you .

Dirt. The pic is of my floor. Along with the Shepard we have a Schnauzer, 4 children & 1 wife . The floor takes a beating and looks great . my walls not so much.

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Elleninmaine - how's your project coming along?

Artobrick - thanks for the input. Your floor is lovely. The price quoted to me (CAN$18/sf) is by a local dealer. Because I want to do 2 small bathrooms only I wouldn't be using large quantities.

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hi feisty68. thanks much for inquiring!!!!

the answer to your question is an old maine expression: "slower than molasses going uphill in the winter."

it seems that phrase is also the motto of new york contractors.

the house is now freshly roofed. most of the window cut-outs are in the right place, but the porch columns look (in photo) unevenly spaced and.......ok, you get the drift. best (?) is response from contractor (who still owns the house) to one of my many questions. he texted back......."don't poke the bear!"

good news is that half those terra cotta tiles are on site; the rest are in my car scheduled for friday departure to new york. am also bringing a giant supply of "molasses melter!"

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I am so distracted by the adorable dog that I am having a hard time concentrating on the question at hand! I think you're asking if that tile would be ok in a master bathroom? Absolutely.

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thanks pricklypearcactus. glad you agree since i had to buy the tile in maine and lug (along with the little dog) to new york. the new york tile stores didn't carry the nova bell terra cotta style because "no one is using that any more!"

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