Update with mock up pics - exterior color change!

rdbrya2May 22, 2014

So I played around with all of your suggestions...trying out each one suggested to me. I am leaning towards the suggestion that said the white shutters looked good but to change the door color to a blue/plum with lots of foliage (I put in a few mock rose bushes etc, but can easily add more plants in real life).

I definitely have a hard time figuring anything with the white siding to the left :(

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Another option with the charcoal/black as suggested with colored door

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One more with the taupe/gray suggestions

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Light tan colored shutters

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I like the fourth picture but don't think you have nailed the color yet.

Picture 1: door color is teal green and doesn't do anything for brick /siding
Picture 2: red and black don't do any favors for your brick and look a little eighties
Picture 4: all colors look bad with your brick
Picture 5: that is a flesh color, not really suitable for a house exterior (or anything else. IMO)

You want colors that will enhance the brick, not overpower or "decorate" it. You have a nice looking house and you will find the right color combination.

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I would first select a color from the brick and paint the white siding so it blends with the brick. Then look again at your shutter and door color choices. I think it will open up your options immensely. It's a very nice looking home!

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So making sure I am understand this...when ya'll say to pick a color from the brick and paint the siding to blend in...do you mean like this (very rough idea). Or pick a white shade from the brick and paint it a white shade (since the brick has a lot of white in it)

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I think that a taupe shade that will complement both the brick and the siding will unify the house. Then the teal for the door will make the front door more welcoming.

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Yay! You are getting close in the last picture. Looks much better with the white painted to blend with the brick. Can we see a close-up of the brick....appears to be a blend of tans and taupes. Does it have a hint of rose from a distance.

Have you looked at a dark chocolate brown for shutters? Or a raisin/fig color? A close up will help.

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I don't have a close up of the brick yet, but as soon as I can close on the loan (tomorrow 10am) and get out there again I will definitely get a close up! It does not have any hints of rose. Its a very very bland, neutral, tan and taupe colored brick with cream/white accents
I am going to play around with some raisin/plum and chocolate brown...I really like the idea of trying chocolate brown!.

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hmm...with added choc brown shutters

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I still think you should remove the shutters. The front of the house has lots of vertical lines and they get multiplied by the shutters making the front very choppy.

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With taupe siding and shutters removed.

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It's a pretty house!

Looks like I'm the only one disagreeing here: I actually like a light siding, maybe not super bright white but a creamy white or a light gray (if that's in the brick). I also like the white shutters and a darker teal door or maybe slightly bluer tone.

I also like picture 2, with a darker red/berry door.

Or kind of like reverse of this house:

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I like the first one after you got the siding to a taupe, but I think the color needs to be less pink/grey and more to the coral/peach -- but that's a matter of matching it to your brick. The point is that you are getting the idea here. That last one shows your house doesn't need shutters. If you want to keep them, I think white works best with charcoal a distant second (the darker color makes them look very long and thin). If you keep the shutters, I'd look at a deeper color -- more of a hunter green, navy blue or the plum/fig/raisin idea. If you don't have the shutters, the brighter green works but the other colors aren't doing it for me.

Another thing to think about -- removing the shutters opens up some different options in terms of taller or ornamental plantings or other accents (bird bath, fountain, etc.). I'd like a garden bench in front of the area where the two sidings come together or in the garden somewhere. I'd make a more clearly defined but curved path from the drive to the front door (might be there and just need some cleaning up) and think about extending the flower beds so they come up around the large tree trunk on the one side. The shade will be a nice place to plant hostas, impatients, possibly ferns -- all things that can feel cool and refreshing in the summer. Those are things that can be added in phases.

You are getting the idea now......

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Would matching the brick and extending it to the end of the house be an option? If the new brick or brick facing didn't match exactly, you could do a light whitewash. I don't think you should paint until you get that tree pruned. The tree guys try to be careful when they prune, but with these big limbs you never know. It's not going to be cheap either.

Here is a link that might be useful: possibly another option

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I think if you try to match the siding to the brick, it's going to look too fleshy. And it still won't "match" anyway because of different materials (of course).

Have you actually removed the shutters in the photo above, or are they photoshopped out? If you haven't removed them, be wary that, once removed, the brick and mortar under them vs. around them may have aged differently, and you may get "shadows" of where the shutters used to be. I'd be sure if this is happening or note before investing too much time into color schemes without shutters.

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No they are just photoshopped out. I did not even think about that, but I most certainly will now...especially being its a 40 year old house it may definitely show 'shadows' of where they used to be. We are starting next week (closing Tuesday now) and I'll have some better pics

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I think the wood will look better painted a color closer to the brick (as you're trying to do, but I'd go darker and less pink - a gray might work if it relates to the grout color) because it's just that one big area of siding. There doesn't seem to be any relationship to the brick, but if you can get the color closer it will be more cohesive (to my eye). Then choose your shutter and door colors.

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