picture of Baby pajamas quilt again

MaeTApril 5, 2013

but this time with the purple blocks changed to pastel. Must say I like this so much better.
Going to put it aside until I get the backing later on. Now I'm on the search to find material to smock a sundress for Chloe and Mallory.

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I would also appreciate your opinions on how to quilt it.

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So pretty! Anything you might want to write in long hand around the white bands??? Name, special dates, things she loves. Other than that, no bright ideas, but I know there will be plenty of good suggestions from this ground.

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This looks great!

Regarding the quilting, are you comfortable free motion quilting, or do you prefer to use your walking foot? Do you like dense quilting or do you prefer less quilting?

When I look at your quilt I see so many design possibilities, particularly with all of the white. I would probably do something different in each white ring - patterns like swirls, or paisley, or wavy lines or...so many choices! Then maybe I'd do something a little simpler in the PJ squares, like orange peel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange peel quilting link

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Well I bought a foot for the free motion quilting but I haven't yet even attempted it so wouldn't be trying it on this quilt.
I am using Warm and White batting and hand quilting it myself so won't be doing dense quilting as it would take me a long time to do it by hand. I have a couple more quilt to do for my other granddaughters.

Right now I am trying to find wide flannel for the backing and figure out how to quilt it. I will check out the link you posted as well. Thanks

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