Pool depth wrong but they say can't have top edge lower?

kmanettaSeptember 26, 2012

Hi. We are getting a liner pool with concrete cantelever edge, and that concrete will go right up to our existing raised paver patio off our house. The pool company knew this, but now that the concrete is starting, it turns out that we need a drain the entire length of the concrete up against our paver patio because of the angle of the concrete. Supposedly if the pool were 2 inches deeper (it's really the top of the pool being 2 inches lower in the ground that is the point) this would not be an issue. But the pool company is saying that they could not have gone deeper with it because it would create issues with the liner. I was wondering if anyone in the know out there can tell me if this is them covering up a mistake that at this point would be very costly to fix (they have the pool dug, metal walls in with concrete around the outside edge over all piping), or if there really is a legitimate reason?

I figure if it was purposeful then they'd have told us the day they dug, and they did not. Now I am spending a lot of money for how an inground pool looks to have to stare at a very long ugly drain every day. I'm quite depressed overall about this. Thanks for any help or insights!

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The rule of thumb for slope on a deck is 1/4" per foot. if your pool is 6' from the patio then the slope would be 1 1/2".
Saying they couldn't lower the pool 2" more is pretty dumb. Sounds like they screwed up. Keep in mind that deck-0-drain is common for providing drainage.
How much slope are you dealing with now?

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The deck has to slope away from the pool. If you have an existing deck that is attached to the house, they slope away from the house. This is to keep runoff from going back in your house or in the pool. So where the two decks meet is a low spot. This is where you need the channel drain to take the runoff away. Pretty standard.

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