Pool Remodel Waterline Tile Grout Crack

gjr-flSeptember 18, 2010

We recently had our pool refinished and new waterline tile installed and, within a couple weeks, a hairline crack started to appear in the grout above the tile that goes approx 1/3 or a little more around the pool. Our pool contractor has been almost impossible to deal with and does not answer or return most calls. They finally sent someone out to look at it and he was going to come back with a tube of caulk and we told him that since this was a new remodel, we didn't think caulk was a good solution and we wanted the grout repaired. They haven't responded to any other calls since and now we are going to escalate the complaint against their license. The question is what are the best options for repairing this crack? We know the grout color and where they purchased it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Remodel

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Your deck sits on top of your pool. They both expand and contract at different rates causing movement between the pool and deck. For this reason that area should have never been grouted, grout will crack. It should have been caulked since the beginning. Let them finish the job properly by caulking around between the tile and the deck.

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I agree with japb. Most pools in Fla. have a cantilever deck that sits on the beam of the pool. The joint is commonly called a stegmeier joint but other terms have been used. This joint is usually filled with a product specifically designed for this type of joint. Do not use the self leveling products here, they will run down the tile and make a mess. This should not be a grouted joint. Good Luck!

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