Mini Quilts

K8OrlandoApril 8, 2012

If you follow the posts here you know the quilt guild that Donna, Gwen and I belong to is having a show in January 2013 and the members of the guild have been asked to contribute mini quilts for an auction at the show. Donna inspired me with some that she recently posted and I decided to give it a try even though I've never made one before. I discovered it's hard to get points to come out nice when your squares are tiny but these quilts are fun to make.

Here are my first two, both embellished with some beadwork. I've got two more in the works and will post those here when I get them done.

This one is 12x12:

I used beads and also some gold thread for a little hand quilting.

This one is a bit like cheating but I'm going to turn it in to the guild anyway! It was the first hand applique I ever did and I abandoned the pattern in favor of a set I liked more. So now this orphan block became a mini quilt. It probably doesn't fit the definition perfectly but maybe someone will buy it. The size is 19x19 so it just sneaks under the 20" limit for minis.

It has some beadwork too and some tiny stippling to help the applique stand out.


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I love both of them. How big is the first one? The beads really make a difference. Good job.

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The blue & yellow is just 12"x12". The rest will be that size or maybe 12x15 or 16. I like the beads too and will probably do some beading on all the minis I make. I've made jewelry for years; I don't do it very often anymore but still have oodles of beads. I don't know that I would have done it if I had to go buy them, but this is a fun way to use some of them up.

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Kate, I don't know how you have the patience to do something so small, but they look great!
Wouldn't it be cool to have a mini quilt hanging on the wall, and a larger duplicate on the bed? ***sigh*** See what you did? You've given me ANOTHER idea! Lol, bad Kate, bad Kate! Ya gotta luv it, right?
I'll be looking to see those you haven't posted yet. I'm betting they're just as good! And you're right about adding the beadwork, it looks great!

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Wonderful Kate! Your minis are so cute...just beautiful!

I've got to step up to the

I did my 3 little Bears and the little quilts that go with them. Haven't posted the pics yet.


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These are lovely, Kate. Love the blue/yellow works every time, I find. Very nice work on the stippling too! I've often admired the minis at quilt shows but haven't tried this myself.

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Don't you just LOVE minis??!?!! I do!

I'm not sure why you think the orphan block is 'cheating'. Seems to me I've seen large appliqued quilts; why not small ones?! And a perfect way to give an orphan a home!

I've got some minis in my future...Can't wait until I can work on them.

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I think they're both very beautiful, Kate. Nice work. I didn't realize how small they were. It must be hard working with such small pieces. Lois

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Woohoo, Kate! They are beautiful! I love the beads...they add a nice touch. And I'm sure the applique one will be a hit!


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Cute minis! I love the beading.....makes them extra special!!
Very good use of scraps.

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They are very pretty. I love the bead work - adds just the right amount of pizazz. You have inspired me to try some mini quilts.

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Mini quilts are now on my "Wish to Learn" list after seeing yours, Kate. (My list keeps getting longer with all you enablers!)
The beads add an elegant textural dimension.

Great job on both:)


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I love your minis especially with the beading added. :-)

Best to you,

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Love your mini's kate, and agree with everyone else, the beading makes the difference. What a fun thing to make, instant gratification..well almost. What is the min / max sizes for the mini's?

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Thanks to all for the comments!

I've found two different guides on size. For the auction minis, no side should be larger than 20". But for show entries, a mini is measured by adding the length and the width; the total can't exceed 30". I'm just doing mine for the auction, so I'm sticking to the

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Cute! Cute! Cute! Are you using your Wonderclips on these?
I love the beading.

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I am using the Wonderclips! They are perfect for small bindings like these.

I now have 5 minis done and will be posting pictures of the newest 3 soon!

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