Sugar Land Pool Build Recommendation

kbarSeptember 28, 2011

I would like to get some updated recommendations for pool builders with recent builds in the Sugar Land area. We are looking at building a pool, outdoor kitchen/patio, and bathroom attached to the house. Looking for a reliable contractor who can perform all services. I would like to get feedback/experiences with Hallmark Pools, Custom Outdoors, and Platinum Pools. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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I used Hipp Pools here in the Woodlands and they have been SPECTACULAR. I highly recommend contacting Michael Hipp the owner and discuss your build with him. They are based in The Woodlands but know they do work outside this area also.

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Thanks. Hipp is definitely on the list if I can get them to come my way. Heard good things about them from several sources. Do you have any pictures? One of our design criteria is to have a fairly large gentle sloped beach entry. I haven't seen too many who are able to do this successfully. Most have a cupped steep lip which sort of defeats the purpose.

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Platinum Pools came out to talk to me to develop a quote and after several follow-ups by me never provided a quote. If I had received a quote I probably would not have used them based on their inability to respond. Also, Platinum Pools built my neighbors pool about 4-5 years ago and it had some issues that were not obvious until they sold their house.

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I do pool cleaning in the Katy area and pick up many pools after the builders are finished and see first hand what everyone is getting. There are two builders who seem to have the most positive reviews. There is Laguna pools in katy, and Gulf Coast pool co in Richmond. I know that both of these companies build what you are looking for. They both have a good reputation and build very nice pools. The volume builders seem to have the worst reviews and poor follow ups.

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Sunset Pools is good too

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I've heard Laguna and Sunset are expensive but good builders. I also would stay away from Platinum Pools, they came out but never gave us a quote either. We used Cy Fair Pools to build our outdoor kitchen, covered patio, pool with a hot tub. I had not one complaint with Cy Fair Pools. It is owner operated and Scott, the owner was out in our backyard for the entire dig and gunite. Didnt just show up to collect a check, he stood there and watched the whole process. Was impressed. His number is 832-483-2279.

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ziembak was lucky with Cyfair Pools - I am in the middle of a miserable experience with Scott the owner never showing up or calling or answering my questions. He took the check and rarely came back. I am having to manage the project personally and take vacation days because he won't show up.

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I am pretty sure this doesn't need saying but that Scott and me are two different people.


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