Bizarre listing photos: slideshow

jkom51March 23, 2013

The first couple of photos are....priceless. In a bad way!

SF Chronicle March 23, 2013
"...In the world of real estate photos, weirdness is well known. Despite a mountain of evidence proving the connection between good photography of homes for sale, enough awful, funny, or plain strange pictures make their way into public view to spawn many a blog post��" not to mention keep alive myriad websites dedicated to that content alone. These are a few of our favorites, some taken from EstatelyâÂÂs recent âÂÂ13 Baffling Real Estate Photosâ and some we found, and became fascinated by, on our own."

Here is a link that might be useful: Slideshow: What was this seller thinking?!?

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Fun pictures. Some highlighted the wrong things, but I thought a few were possibly appropriate within context. I liked the dog in a tub. It shows possibilities. The horse picture is funny. If you can afford the horse ranch, you probably aren't going to find the horse offensive.

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There used to be a great blog. lovelylisting, devoted entirely to bad real estate photos. I guess that technically it still exists, but the original blogger sold it some time ago to icanhazcheezburger and it stopped being funny at once.

I really miss it.

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I agree that there's nothing wrong with the dog-in-tub photo. I would imagine that one was very deliberate, especially with the tub placement. Having a convenient place to bathe a relatively large pet is a very real concern for a lot of people.

The rest: yikes! What were they thinking?

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Yes, I think the dog one is great, it is not good for people, show it for a dog.

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My favorite one was the basement with the blood stains on the floor. The only thing that would improve it would be if it were for sale by "the estate of...."

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Gosh, I liked the dog and horse pictures. When we redid our laundry room I put in a sink deep enough for up to a a 20lb dog and industrial sprayer. I always thought we'd use a photo of Mr. Fluffy in the bath whenever we sell the house. He's pretty appealing :-)

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Some were bad and some not so much. Wonder what the red on the floor is. Hair color gone wrong or something. Not blood though as it would be brown if it was.

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My favorites are the listings from the proud gardeners. I've seen more than a few listings where there's maybe 6 pictures of the house then 12+ pictures of the flower gardens and landscaping.

A listing I saw last year was a small farmhouse with a horse barn. 8 pictures of the house, 16 pictures of the barn, corrals, tack room, horse shower area, etc...

Few years back my MIL was selling her house and we happened to stop by the day before the realtor was scheduled to stop in for pictures. She had all her small appliances and cookware on the kitchen counters, to show how much space there was. Likewise, she had taken clothing out of storage and stuffed the closets full in order to show how much could fit in there. Her dining table (normally for 4) had 8 chairs and place settings (plus serving platters and dishes) to show how many people she could entertain. Not to mention enough potpourri, scented candles, and glade plug-ins to make the place smell stronger than an Abercrombie & Fitch store. A decent argument managed to "talk her off the ledge" and allow us to undo her work.

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And then there's the dog that got an apartment rented in 24 hours....

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo-bombing dog

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Haha, I totally love the animal ones.

I agree with others that the golden-in-bathtub photo attempts to make sense of why a bathtub is down in the basement. (And s/he is posing!) But I probably wouldn't put the pic in my listing, since you only have a finite amount of pictures and a bathtub in your basement is unlikely to be a deal-maker. (Even as a dog owner, I would rather have a finished basement with a real shower or grooming tub for a dog.)

Loved the horse one and thought it was hilarious. Esp since it's a ~$6m house. It would totally make me think that the owners are real people. :)

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I like the dog in tub picture because it shows an amenity that few have, and if I am not mistaken, that is a sauna cabinet to the left, another amenity in the basement that the sellers are highlighting. A prospective buyer can see that the expensive parts of a basement finishing have been done - plumbing and electric, plus the cost of these highlighted items. A handy new owner could do the rest and have a nicely finished basement.

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The dog one is in my local listings and the rest of the house was nice, if I recall. I probably won't be able to find it.

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