Need to attract buyers- any ideas?

trijarMarch 25, 2009

My house has been on the market 6 months. I have tried not to obsess over selling, but I can't figure out why we are not getting many lookers. I would love any constructive advise, or anything you see that stands out negatively.

Luckily, we are selling because we choose to and not because we have to. But, it is still kind of a "being in limbo" situation. I would love any advise. There are pictures and virtual tour on house information below. Thanks in advance


- 9512-Sw-33Rd_Oklahoma-City_OK_73179_1103665744.url

MLS 368207

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Link to property listing

How well used is the Oklahoma City MLS? I ask because you only have the one picture with no link to more. If people don't know to click the picture, they will not see the other 11 photos.

How well are you priced for the area? I live in an area of cheap housing and your house would be incredibly cheap in MY area at under $300K. Are you in a buyer's market, seller's market or neutral market? Honestly if you don't need to sell, take your house off the market if you aren't at least in a neutral market and stop aggravating yourself.

A quick look at your pictures shows a lot of clutter via knickknacks, dried flowers and doodads even though the pictures look semi-staged. I'd get rid of all the dried flowers at minimum and re-shoot the pics (although the dried flowers are not stopping your house from getting views).

Your kitchen (minus the stuff on top of the cupboard ledge) looks lovely. The bathroom photo was interesting... is there some way to capture the tub and shower in the mirror so that you can see the entire room in one photo? Is see a deck, but is there a backyard?

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Your house is beautiful. I can't see anything in the pictures that would make me dislike the house. Your house is in what I assume is a pricier neighborhood. That would limit your avavilable pool of potential buyers. Have you pulled the comps lately to see what else has sold in your neighborhood?

I live in the Tulsa area. Last year my neighborhood was selling in less than two months. That turnover has slowed a bit, but houses are still selling My dh and I have kept an eye on what is on the market. The houses that are lingering are either priced too high or have a location issue. I had a brief opportunity to hear the complaints of one seller in the neighborhood. I looked her up online. Her house has some similarities to mine, but no upgrades as far I could tell. I think she started out about $50K too high. She dropped $15K, but that's still too much. She can continue to live in her house so she isn't motivated to find a realistic asking price.

Good luck!

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It appears to me it just might be your market. A quick check on looks like your house is competitively priced with similar homes. Of course, I can't tell anything about your neighborhood or schools from there. How many showings are you averaging?

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I am in a different part of the country but my advice is to get as much feedback from your broker as possible. My house just sold and while it was on the market, our broker would call us with the feedback that she got when other brokers showed our house. We got feedback on things we could do something about and things (like the busy street we are on) that we couldnt do anything about. It helped us a lot. Each market is different so use the resources of your broker. It might just be the price. We priced to sell and sell we did in less than 6 weeks. Good luck and don't despair.

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Something else I just remembered.

When I was listening to the seller complain about her house not selling, she did mention that she had one really lowball offer on her house. (I agree that the offer was lowball.) She (the seller) said the 'buyer' said that the comps didn't support a higher selling price. She said she thought that maybe someone in the neighborhood ended up selling at what was owed on the house just to get out from under it.

There have been a couple of houses in my neighborhood that I suspect are forclosures and a couple where I think someone needed to sell quick. If you've been on the market for six months, you need to get your realtor to pull those comps again and take a critical look at your asking price. There's no telling what else has been happening out there. You may find that the comps have gone lower.

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I think stating that there are two master bedrooms might be a turn off for some. It would be for me. I would be thinking, "I only need one, what do I want with two-it's wasted space". I think it is all a simple matter of renaming the room. Consider this: this 4 bedroom home offers gracious living with a flexible floorplan. In addition to the gorgeous master bedroom and lavish master bath. there is also an additional oversized guestroom with private bath.
Now, as a buyer, I am thinking, this could be perfect for when (fill in the blank) comes to visit.
All a matter of perspective.
Good luck, it is a beautiful home.

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Your home is lovely.....and it seems to be priced very reasonable (or at least for our area). Don't despair...take it off the market for awhile, so you can stop stressing for some of the "decluttering" as mentioned above....but this certainly would not stop me from buying such a beautiful home...GOOD LUCK~~~

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The listing had a couple spelling errors. The master has a setting area and you can set on your deck. Also the picture of the front door has fall type decor around it which dates the picture.

How about a picture of the pond that you can see from the deck and maybe remove one of the pictures of the kid's room?

Your house is lovely and the pictures are well taken. Your house is fairly expensive for the area, though. Have you looked at the comps lately?

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I looked at your house on Zillow and all your pictures are great. I am a bit confused though. When I clicked on street view the house doesn't look like the same house, the front is different.

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There's nothing "special" about your house to make it stand out. It's cookie cutter, higher end cookie cutter but still cookie cutter.
It needs some color and you need to declutter the heck out of it.
All those vines and little do da's need to go. Start outside at the front door and work your way thru the house. People are looking at the decore not the house itself. Reduce the junk and open up the spaces.
Get the exercise equipment out of the bedroom. It's either a bedroom or a exercise room but making it both is saying to buyers there's not enough room in the house for everything.
The deck needs color. Plants and cushions could go a long way to make it look more inviting.

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"It needs some color". Carol, where do you think she needs to add color? I think it has plenty! In fact, I love bold colors, but was wondering if the den area (looks orangish on my screen) is too much color for some? I agree with the knick knack stuff. Ditch it. Very pretty house! I too noticed the grammar errors..a pet peve of mine. Also, the description on is pretty lack luster.

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Wow, your house would list for a 1 1/2M in my area. Can't imagine why it is not selling. 3-car garage, over 3,000sq ft... what is the property like?

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Lots of showings and no offers for 6 months; you're overpriced.

Litle showings and no offers for 6 months; you're overpriced.

Adellabedella is right on pointing out that a lot of things can change in the market in 6 months nowadays. You may have been competing with distressed sellers the entire last 6 months.

I would either price the home to sell quickly, or pull it. Too stressful any other way.

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Thanks to all who responded. It helps to have this kind of feedback. Although I am going to make some aesthetic changes to some of my room as per your suggestions, I do think the pricing needs to be relooked. Although at the time it was priced compared to comps, there have been some short sales and foreclosures in the neighbhorhood which has probably brought the comps down in the area. I will definitely take another look. Thanks so much again.

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Erinboo7, I think color outside is needed to get folks to come in. There's not much on the outside of that house that will draw the passer by in.
A few large planters with some color on them and a evergreen stuck in them would add some interest till spring bulbs bloom.

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Carol-good point! Flowers are always good.

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for those of you who looked at my house, I just thought I would pass on that I listed with another agent after my first contract was up. She had her stager come in and redo what I thought I had already staged.. I think the house looks much better. We lowered the price a tad, but she says it is priced good. MLS# is 388644. has good pictures and new virtual tour. Maybe second time's the charm.
Thanks, Trijar

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Just thought you should know that when I searched on the MLS number you gave, I get a $650,000 listing in Florida.

I searched using the address you gave in the first post and found your new listing (which does say that is the MLS number - weird). Maybe hasn't updated the numbers yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Listing

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There's a "blooper" on the laundry room-the pic is sideways. The house is beautiful, although the bathrooms seem to be pretty personalized. Wouldn't deter me, though.

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Beautiful house.
A few things..
Don't know why this annoyed me, the cord in the kitchen from the lamp on the counter.
Next was that IMO, you may have too much color on the inside. I like most of it but if I was buying, I'd be thinking that I might have to take wallpaper down and paint a few rooms.
Are the kitchen cabinets enhanced?

Overall, I do love the house.

Have you thought to add a Home Depot gift card so that the buyer can buy paint (or whatever)?

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It is a beautiful home....and it certainly seems to be priced right. GOOD LUCK and I hope it sells quickly.

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