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missleahMarch 5, 2009

We feel the media is playing a huge role in this economy. For those of you out there that want to sell/buy a home and move forward with your lives are you able to keep positive through this whole cycle? I find that if I keep telling myself positive things that I don't get that "scared" feeling in my stomach. We are going to be selling our home and trying to move forward with a build of a new but "small" home. Everyone seems to always have something negative to say to us because we are trying to move forward through this economic time and frankly I think people think we are nuts. But if we can get our home to sell it really is a good time to build with contractor's labor way down and most of the supplies are affordable. How are you staying positive?

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I don't think you are crazy! I think you are taking advantage of lower costs to build, provided you can sell your home. Builders need the business, their crews need the work, you are contributing to the economy.

I'm not buying or selling, but I also think the media drags everyone down ...

Locally, it's Home Show time ... and the attendance is up 60% over last year. People are looking to spend money on their homes.

I know what's happening is not good, but it will pass, and life will be different. I can't dwell on it and worry over it ... I stay positive and save where I can ...

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We feel the media is playing a huge role in this economy.

I think they've been doing it for many years now, even while they are behind in what is reporting what is actually going on.

pamghatten did you go to the home show? We have little left to do, and it is so difficult to get skilled labor to actually show up in this area, that I am glad. If people are back to spending on their houses it would even worse to try and get a contractor out.

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We moved last September and haven't sold our old house yet- market crashed just about the time we moved in this area. Oh well. At least we can afford it- don't *want* to pay 2 mortgages but won't go bankrupt or foreclose either.

I don't listen to the gloom and doom media. Didn't listen to it when all they said to buy more house than you can afford either. I make my financial decisions based on MY finances, not what the media tells me to do. They don't know me or my finances.

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Stay positive we sold our house next to a busy road and large retirement community building for 5K more than our realtor suggested listing for in about a month. There are buyers out there, just make sure your house is as perfect as you can make it and it will happen. We bought a smaller fixer upper and are doing a complete remodel at an affordable price. Good Luck!

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