Should I be satisfied with my renovation?

stlgasmanSeptember 22, 2010

My pool is 15 years old and needed resurfacing. I chose the only authorized pebble tec installer in the area and also the company that did the original pool surface because of their reputation and and my satisfaction with the original work. We kept the original tile and went with Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. I am particular. During the preparation, several tiles were knocked off. Also, after the sandblasting and prep work I pointed out to the workmen that there was still white plaster attached in spots below the tile (almost like a caulk line of 1/8 to 1/4 inch white marcite). I was told that before the refinishing that would be removed. I planned to be present for the refinish but rain pushed the job back a day.

When completed, they hadn't removed the residual plaster from the tile line. Also, the six tiles that were replaced were poorly set in that they are raised relative to the other tiles and the grout spacing is irregular. There were three 1/2" diameter pieces of marcite visible in the aqua blue plaster. Also, the acid exposure was poorly done in spots.

The PB came by. He agreed that the white shouldn't be there on the bottom. He didn't think that since I didn't replace the tile, that the residual white plaster was an issue. He also said that basically from a distance the replaced tiles look okay and that they just have the plasterer replace the tiles unless it is a complete redo.

They didn't really offer to fix the residual plaster below the tiles. He said they could replace the tiles, but they might damage the pebble sheen doing it. He sent someone over to spot acid wash the exposure problem and that helped. He also had the guy use a long pole with a pointed end to scrape the white off the bottom, but when I got in the pool, there are gouges half way through the finish where he scraped off the white plaster imbedded (probably 2" x 2" of damage to remove a 3/8" round white piece).

Should I be satisfied with this or demand that the tiles be redone, the plaster removed and the pebble patched, and the gouges repaired?

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Pebble tec is a very reputable company. If the applicator did not do a proper install and they refuse to take care of it I would go up the ladder to Pebble tec direct. Pebble Tec has a quality control department for these issues if nessesary the will send out a rep. Pebble tec applicators are chosen by Pebble Tec themselves. If the finished product is not correct and the refuse to correct the issue they could lose their authorized installer status.

I am not sure if he will chime in but Kelly with Atlantis pools uses alot of Pebble Tec and he probably will be able to address this even better than myself.

Good Luck,


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