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elle481March 15, 2009

In staging our MBedroom we have been moving the furniture around. We have a very dated (1970's) bedroom set - large armoire, large dresser with two vertical mirrors attached to it, two end tables and a bed with brass head board (all the style at the time). We had to take the mirrors off the dresser to make it easier to move. When the dresser was put in its new place, it looked very nice and not heavy because of the removed mirrors. I really like it that way and would like to keep the mirrors off and just add some paintings on the wall over it. I am out of the loop with bedroom furniture styles (it always seems to be the last place we think of when redecorating and it has just been fine - doesn't fit with the rest of my decor, but I just haven't minded, until now!) I have a wall of mirror in our attached bathroom. So, do I need a mirror over the dresser? Yes or no? That said, when we move into our new digs, the MBedroom will be the first place we address, with new furniture of course (BTW, it is not an option right now to purchase the new furniture for our current place as I am really not sure what direction I want to go in.) ~Elle

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No, you don't need a mirror over the dresser. I can see how removing the mirrors would improve the look.

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I removed the mirrors off of my dresser...seems more "modern" for our 70's set~~~~ I was able to put it under the window and put a pretty plant and candles on it.

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If the dresser faces the door to the room in any way, I would hang a mirror over it. It would not have to be the attached mirror--a beautiful up-to-date mirror hung on the all above would work as long as it is proportional to the dresser.

I think that without a mirror in line of sight of the door, the room will look smaller.

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