Poured in place concrete coping

bogeydogddsSeptember 22, 2009

Hi all, I just discovered this site and love it. We are in process of building a pool. We have a poured in place concrete coping completed and they are starting to make the expansion cuts in the coping itself. My question is can these cuts or joints now be filled in with grout? Spoke to the contractor and was told they leave the cuts. I'm sure they will be sealed somehow, but they look like they go through the concrete and I'm concerned about pinching skin or bugs and junk filling in the cracks. Am I wrong in thinking that these joints should be filled? Thanks for any advice. Deck has not been poured yet. If these joints are filled would they do it at the same time they fill the joint between the deck and the coping?

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I assume you have thin saw cuts. No, they don't get sealed with caulk normally.

A little bit of crud may get in the pool. If it gets stuck in the cut, a Popsicle stick will usually pry it out.

I doubt anyone will get pinched.


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Thanks Pool guy, The stone and tile are now in and I'm getting used to the look. I like it. We are now looking at having either pebble sheen, or another off brand mini pebble but in. I'm not into making the creative decisions here, I leave that to my wife. I just want to make sure it is done right, and I'm learning on the fly what right is.

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I am in the finally stages of my pool and I have noticed a ton of hair line cracks all around the poured in place concrete coping. I do not like the look, obviously, but am afraid with time and water seeping in cracks it will deteriorate. Is this acceptable with a new pool and what should I tell the PB? Also the stamp concrete has two very long cracks right by the cut lines. Please advise as I still have a small outstanding balance and want it to be right.

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All concrete cracks and no one guarantees it from cracking. There are however many things that you can do to control and eliminate cracks.

One thing with poured in place coping is you have to cut control joints every two feet minimum.

Pictures would be helpful to see the extent of the cracks and workmanship.

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