Well, it's a start....

loisflanApril 7, 2012

Here's a photo of the table runner pattern Blushing Aspens by Frieda Anderson and my first leaf. We won't talk about how long it took to make this first one, but now that I understand the process, I'm sure it will go much faster. Quite challenging! I bought it for my sister, and when she saw the fabric (hand-dyed by Frieda) and the pattern, she fell in love with it. So I'm inspired. Good thing her birthday is in October. I might be finished by then.

I did notice that I ran the background fabric in the wrong direction on this first leaf. It's the only one in the whole pattern the runs horizontally, and I did it on the vertical like the rest of them. Oh, well. It's not going to be re-done. I'll just assume that Frieda really meant to run them all the same direction, but that she made the mistake, not me.

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You're off to a great start. I'm sure the backgrounds should all be mixed up anyway. It's going to be lovely.

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Looks great to me, I wouldn't redo it either! It's going to be a gorgeous runner.

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Very nice! I can't wait to see the whole thing. How do they suggest quilting it?


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Very interesting but I agree it appears to be a challenge.
I think the vertiacal leaf is that way to balance the pattern on the left. I like it that way as it looks less planned. Good luck and enjoy.

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Great job and a great start! I'm crazy about Frieda's designs and the colors in this one really pop!


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Love it! But I'm not sure I could do a pattern like this -- I'm too much of a "square it up and make 'em match" kinda gal. But I admire this more contemporary design.


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Looking at the printed pattern, I can see that the background "stripes" are running in various ways, and the leaf veins are also pointing in diverse directions, so I don't think anyone will notice the mistake, especially if you don't tell them:)

I actually don't think it's a mistake, but rather your variation of the original pattern;)


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I think it looks great.
The directional 'mistake' should be left as is.
It will add interest.


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Just have fun with the project. I've never heard of Freida so now I'm going to have to google her patterns. I love looking at everyone's projects. Thank you for sharing.


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Donna. the quilting that is suggested is as follows. SITD around each block to stabilize. Free motion the background in each block independently. Looking at the photo of the sample, I see that Frieda SITD along the stem too. See used a beautiful wood-grain pattern for the free-motion style. It's kind of a meander, but with lines running parallel with each other, like wood-grain, and with the occasional "knot" in them. And everytime she approached the edge of the leaf, she followed the leaf's contour a ways before she headed the other direction. It really causes the leaves to stand out - almost like echo quilting. It's very lovely.

The second leaf went very much faster, until the freezer paper came off of the two little pieces that are the backgound at each end of the stem. I got them mixed up, turned backwards, you name it. I must have ripped the seams out four times before I got it right. At least they were very short seams, but the fabric was starting to look like cheesecloth. I don't know if it's evident from the photos (or if you more experienced quilters just know this), but these are not appliqued blocks. They are all seamed, and each block has seven pieces.

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I love this pattern though it looks complicated to put it together. Saved it in my to-do list.

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I love this pattern also - very modern & upscale looking.
It reminds me of grass cloth wallpaper or the striation found in beautiful rock formations. Very earthy looking....
Leave the 'mistake' ~ it is your version or interpretation.
I am anxious to see it finished.

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I've got five of the big leaves finished, and the way I'm going, I'll have quite a bit of "interpretation" in the final product. I find it very difficult to make sure the paper patterns are placed properly on the background fabric. The last leaf I did ended up with the gradation of the backgound fabric going the wrong direction, so I had to turn the block 180 degrees. It looks fine, but I have to find a fool-proof way to do this. The pattern is traced on the shiny side of the freezer paper and then transferred to the back of the fabric. I was concentrating so hard on getting the stem and the tiny pieces at the end of the stem properly aligned that I guess I screwed up the overall direction of the leaf. Any suggestions? Wait, I just thought of something. If I place the background pieces shiny side up on a cloth on the ironing board and then place the fabric over the paper pieces and iron, they should be located properly. This must be the trick I was looking for. Can't wait to get home from work tonight and try this. Yippee!

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I doubt that you will be telling everyone that you made a mistake, right, I definately would never tell!

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