Newbie winterizing questions

SpeckledhenSeptember 22, 2012

Hello All,

We are scheduled to have our 15,500 gallon vinyl pool closed this week and I have a couple of questions.

1: Should I keep the pool as clean as possible until the closing, or can I let it sit for the next week or so?

2: What is the process for winterizing the LED light? I have a Fusion brand LED and there is apparently a winterizing plug designed especially for it. I don't have it, and the original PB and I no longer communicate. Would any 1.5" plug work?

Any other suggestions or comments are welcome!


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Where are you. Some places have deep frost lines, others don't.


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Oooops! I guess my location does matter:-) I am in North Jersey. Thanks again everyone!

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The LED light should be fine left alone as it is below the frost line.

Spring start up will be easier but is not required.


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