Best placement of sewing machine desk?

marti8aApril 20, 2012

If you could put it anywhere, would you put your sewing machine in the middle of the room or against a wall? I've been thinking middle of the room would be really convenient for quilting so I could put a big table behind it to put the quilt on.

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Marti, I had mine against a wall for a long time because that's the only space I had. Now I have it in the middle of the room, with an ironing board to the left and a small cutting table to the right for trimming as I sew. There is a storage rack on wheels and another ironing board along the back of the table, but I can easily move both when I'm working on a big quilt. I can't begin to describe how much easier this is than my last set-up! Go for the middle of the room, if you can!

(pictures posted on the other current message thread about sewing rooms)

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Mine is on a table perpendicular to the wall. This works nice for me. I work to the right, and I have a cutting mat to the left/behind...I can walk around on 3 sides for cutting.

I'm not sure I'd like middle of the room unless I could plug into a floor outlet...I'd not like to worry about stepping over the wires along the floor.

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I have a big table in the middle of the room but closer to one wall since I don't walk around that side. I sew and have the ironing board on that one side close to the wall and the other three are for one more machine, cutting and sorting projects. I face a 'dresser" thing that holds lots of stuff because the small TV is on top of that. My design wall is to my back when I sit and sew.

You know how they talk about designing kitchens with a work triangle between stove, refrig and sink? My work triangle is piecing machine, design wall and ironing board - all of which I can reach without getting up because my chair swivels! Yea.

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