Are my colors too bold for retiree's

erinb007March 13, 2009

Hello-would love your opinions. I have a single story home which appeals to the 55+ crowd in my market. Do you think my colors will be a turn off?? Thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: listing

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Not for me and I am way past the 55 year old crowd. I love fact, your kitchen could use some LOL.
Beautiful home.

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I couldn't get the 10 pictures to load. The pictures I saw looked fine.

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Is this just a ploy to advertise the house? I was expecting lime green, neon orange and fuchsia.

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Lucy-ha! You made me laugh. No, the dining room is a bold red and one big wall in the great room is too . I guess I should have asked if the red was too much versus are my colors too bold. The red is my concern. I hate to repaint, but am thinking maybe the dining room is too much, as it is what you see when you walk in. Not sure that it shows up on, but it is an open dining room to the left of the foyer and is the same red as the living room. I personally love it but worry that others won't.

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I think the red accent wall is lovely (didn't see a dining room pic), and I wouldn't worry about repainting it.

I do have to ask, though... what's on your ceilings? To my eyes, and on my monitor, it almost looks as though they're wallpapered. Is it just your typical ceiling texture, and I'm seeing it wrong?

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Personally, I love the color & agree that the kitchen is rather bland. But, the general rule of thumb is neutral appeals to a broader pool of buyers. Here on the forum over the past few years, we've told many sellers to repaint red walls. So, that said...your choice.

A REALTOR will tell you the kitchen is a wonderful, a "blank slate", but I'd suggest adding a hit of color somewhere on the counters.

Nice house, really clean.

Best of luck!


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Ahh, my lovely ceilings! That is an Ohio thing. Hate them. It's a rough texture that they usually knock off (but that is more expensive and they didn't do it with mine)

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I've over 55 and can tell you that the colors wouldn't put me off buying the house.

First thing we did when we purchased this house was paint the entire interior (turns out the walls were never primed just sprayed with some crude used in selling houses). Banished all white paint of any type. People that have seen the house always marvel at the colors especially the neighbors who knew the house "when".

For me nothing is more boring than all white walls.

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All that grass that needs to be cut is what would be a turn off to retirees. Too much lawn maintanance.

The red is a bit much for even younger buyers. The red looks nice for someone else's home, but for my home, I would not want the red. I was considering buying it, I would paint it pretty quickly or possibly pick another home that didn't have the red interior paint.

Once thing retirees want is a ranch. Play it up that they don't have to walk up stairs to the bedrooms.

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I absolutely loved your house......and don't worry about that lawn, that is what lawn service is for, if someone can not maintain it. And I hope you keep those colors....want to trade houses?

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"Is this just a ploy to advertise the house?"

This forum has been a place that people post their listings asking for critique for years. We have a broad variety of posters who collectively have decades of experience with residential real estate. If you read through old posts you'll find dozens (if not hundreds) of very similar posts & questions. There was nothing in the OP's post to suggest some sort of "ploy".


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I personally like red as an accent color but dislike it when people paint an entire room red.

That said, your house to be very, very nice in the pictures and it would not stop me from scheduling a showing.

PS: I really do hate textured ceilings though. Is it difficult to remove?

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I checked into removing the textured ceilings and it is very expensive and very dirty..they say you never really get all the dust out of your house...I decided I could live with them. I had never seen ceilings like these in chicago, but they are pretty common in Columbus, Oh.

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hmmm well, I found it annoying that you make assumptions about color based on age. I join those that like the red wall, but find your kitchen wayyyy too bland. I can undersand playing up the features that appeal to an age group, but I think I would let that unfold from the description and not advertise as a "geriatric special".

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I think your house is beautiful and in perfect clean condition. But I believe that the red is a bit much, but this is just my opinion. I do agree that color is important but I would think something bold but toned down just a bit something possibly in the sage green family?? Just my suggestion since you asked for it. But overall if I was buying your home (I'm 30) I would look past the red because the rest is so perfect. Good luck to you!

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Thanks to everyone for your thoughts/suggestions! I agree the kitchen looks bland in the pics, but believe in person it is much warmer than in the pics. I am leaving it as is. It opens up to the family room which has a red (cathedral ceiling) wall so there is plenty of color in there, it just doesn't show in the pic.

I got feedback from a showing last night that the lady thought the colors were "too bold!" How funny that is the exact word I chose too. I think the dining room might be a bit much for some, but am not willing to have someone come in a paint the cathedral ceiling wall in the LR. I could do the DR pretty easily and it would tone things down a lot Will add it to my list! Good news is that two realtors have told me it's priced right, so I am not dropping my price for a while. Thanks a bunch for your wonderful comments!


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If the difference between a person buying it or not, I would agree to have it painted for them.....but most people can see that paint is cheap....bones are not~~
Good Luck, because I LOVE that red paint, and I am almost 70!!!~~~

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For us, yes; but the one-story living would compensate. I'd paint it before moving in.

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