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magothyrivergirlApril 19, 2012

I offered to quilt Sharon's Tie a Yellow Ribbon quilt (that's what I call it - I'm not sure what she named it.)

It is going to a Family member who's son is in the Military.

I am honored to quilt this for her, and I hope the family is pleased, and their Son comes home safe and sound.

Sharon's piecing is so good and precise. She gave me permission to post the pictures.

I quilted loops and Ribbons freehand in a cream color that looked very pale yellow color against the bright white in Glide thread that has a bit of a sheen to it.

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Lovely job Marsha. And, good for you Sharon as well.

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That is so beautiful! Wonderful job, ladies and a great design idea. Is it original, Sharon? I hadn't seen it before. I really like it!


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Wow! May God Bless all of those serving and I pray for a safe return home.

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Awwww, Marsha, thank you. The ribbons and bows were just the thing for this quilt and it looks awesome!!!

The official name is For The Troops but I've been calling it Tie A Yellow Ribbon. The binding is on and I've been sewing the sleeve on. Should have that done tomorrow and the label, too. I don't know why I don't think of those things before putting the binding on! Wooohoooo another UFO will be done!

MLinda, The pattern is one National Quilting Association designed for 2010 National Quilting Day. They put one out every year and it's free. I like it and would like to make another some day.


Here is a link that might be useful: For The Troops +

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What a beautiful job you both did! It is a beautiful quilt. It is also so sweet and kind of you BOTH!

May you both be Blessed!

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Marsha and Sharon you did a beautiful job! It is really special what you are both doing. I saw that pattern when it came out in 2010 and it is on my list of quilts to make! It is awesome to see how beautiful it came out. Nice work ladies!

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Outstanding job, and great team work, both of you!
Beautiful, and dedicated to a worthy cause.

Thanks for sharing the link. I too, would like to make that quilt some day.


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Nice work by both of you.
It's for such a great cause.


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Ladies, it's beautiful!


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Thank you, ladies. I just want to add that I really enjoyed putting the blocks together in this quilt and there was a very real sense of pride and concern for our military in my heart during the process. So, should you make this quilt, be prepared......


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I had this top hanging on the door to my office for a long time before I quilted it. I miss it. I live in a military area, and I am a Navy Brat - my Dad is retired Navy, so I really feel honored and proud to had worked on this special quilt.

Sharon is right, you can't help but feel a sense of pride in your heart - I think it is the simplicity of the Yellow Ribbon and what it has come to mean.

Thanks for your nice comments.

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Gorgeous quilt and quilting!!! I live by Ft. Stewart and dad is retired Army, DH Vietnam Vet, uncle died in Vietnam at 21, nephew currently in Afghanstan.

I am so over all of the fighting! I pray for world piece each day, but I doubt we will see it, sigh.

We send care packages and they do appreciate being remembered!

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You both did beautiful work and should be proud of your efforts. Such a nice tribute to pass along. Good choices all the way and know the family will be thrilled. TFS

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A great quilt and a great collaboration. Very moving. Congrats and hugs to you both!


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