use cynaric acid????

michelle16September 15, 2010

My chlorine stabilizer (cynaric acid is low, it has always been in the norm. of 30-50, but is now low, which I dont understand why because the chlorine has stabilizer in it, however i wasn't getting a chlorine reading, I now know why.My question is should I put in cynaric acid(chlorine stabilizer) to raise? I shocked and have a chlorine reading now, or should I wait for it to rise on it's own? or will it? how much do I putin for a 15,000 gal. ploo? any help would be great! Thanks! Michelle

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If you intend to keep using either Trichlor or Dichlor products then I recommend you NOT add stabilzer. It will come up on its own.

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How do you know what the stabilizer level was? Pool stores are very inaccurate with this test as are test strips. Stabilizer does not go away unless you had a large dump of water, evaporation does not lower the level.

I agree if the chlorine and shock you are using contain stabilizer the problem should be how to get rid of it when it gets too high(which is by dumping water and refilling). The higher the stabilizer level the higher the chlorine level needs to be kept in order to be effective. A level too low allows the sunlight to consume the chlorine.

You certainly need to be sure it is really low before you think about adding any.

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Thank you both for your help, it is def. alittle low, but not by much, i think since it is the end of the season, i won't add it, is the chlorine stabilizer added at the beg. of every season? or is it something that is only added once? Think i will just add in the spring?/ let me know... thnaks!

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If you use tablets (Trichlor usually) or granulated (Dichlor usually) there is normally no need to ever use stabilizer - it's already in these two products. It's only if you transition to bleach or use an electronic salt water chlorine generator (SWG) that "may" require stabilizer (depends on how much was in there before transitioning).

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