New Pool Build in Lewisville TX

loudbear8September 14, 2012

Like many, I have been scouring the forums for info prior to selecting a pool builder. The information has been very helpful, so I wll try to return the favor and provide some information about our experience so far, and will post ongoing updates during the build.

We live in a suburb of north Dallas, TX called Castle Hills (technically city of Lewisville).

We interviewed 4 builders: Tahitian Pools, Riverbend Sandler Pools, Gold Medal Pools and Southernwind pools. All of the people who came to our home to meet us from the 4 companies were very friendly and all seemed knowledgable about the process and aware of soil issues in our area of north Texas (high clay content). We presented a plan to each of basically what we wanted, which was created by our landscape designer. Despite providing a scalable plan to each, the end design provided by the 4 companies varies signficantly. Some made it smaller (without asking us), others changes the shape ("put my design stamp on it"), while 2 did not change it except for slightly moving it closer to the home to provide more walking room around the pool.

The bids came back somewhat staggered. None were near the same. In the end, we went with the 2nd most expensive bid, but the one we felt most comfortable with, which was Southernwind Pools. Gold Medal was the most expensive, by FAR, and they wanted to do some major overdigging for the pool that we just could not afford.

The reasons we chose Southernwind:

1. Friendly and knowledgable sales rep who prepared the plan as we asked. He really listened to what we wanted and provided guidance where needed.

2. Reputation of company, and warranty

3. Quality of pools constructed by company

4. Quality of equipment, etc provided as standard.

We started the whole process back in May 2012, and finally signed a contract in July, and after permitting and ARC approval things finally started Wed Aug 29.

Here are the specs on the pool:

Dimensions: 32'3" x 36'7"

Depth: 3 1/2' x 5 '

126' Perimeter/835sqft for pool

8' round raised spa with tiered spillover and 6 therapy jets, and air jets at calf height

#4 rebar on 8" ceneters throughout

Stonescapes interior in pool

Glass tile around waterline and throughout spa

Caramel lueders stone coping

Granbury stone on raised beam on back wall, around spa, and on 4 2'x2'x2' columns around the pool

700 sq feet of additional Pavestone pavers to match existing

Gunite: 8-10" thick walls and floors. 12-14" thick in transitions.- Shotscrete

2 sundecks each with 3 bubblers

6 total deck jets

2 18" stone scuppers on raised wing wall by spa

Pentair 100 Sq. Ft. D.E. filter with backwash valve.

Pentair Intelliflo vs+svrs filter pump. (2) 1 � hp booster pumps.

Pentair 400,000 BTU pool heater. (Pool and Spa only)

Pentair Easy Touch 8 computer control. (Wireless inc. w/ Spa)

Jandy never lube 2" X 2 1/2" three way valves.

(3) Intelli Brite LED pool light, (1) Intelli Brite LED spa light.


A&A Quikpure3 UV Ozone system.


Maintenance equipment to include:

- (1) 8� � 16� telescoping pole

- Leaf net (drag type)

- 18" pool wall brush

- 4 in 1 Chemical test kit

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Here is day 1 picture, just prior to excavation.
Excavation took 3 days as we have a large pool, and limited side yard access. This was accomplished with a smaller trackhoe and bobcat. Also, the dirt drop off site was far away. Additionally, there was a lot of landscaping to remove before any digging could begin. The excavators also intalled 18 helical piers around the pool and spa, and added 12" gravel base.

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Here is an excavation picture

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dig done, after 3 days.
Next day was soil injections, and infloor cleaning system plumbing

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day 5: rebar and remainder of plumbing

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build day 6 (after weekend) was for inspection of plumbing/steel.
day 7: wait day
day 8: gunite (shotcrete in this case)

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final gunite picture
Day 9 of build: nothing, except watering the gunite

And that brings us up to date so far.
So far things have been on autopilot once permits were secured. Everything is going fast, and with no major issues yet. We will now see how quickly the coping, tile, stone and plumbing back to equipment proceed. So far the foreman for our job has not had to do much, the various crews seem to know what to do without much direction from him. Not sure if this is typical, but so far so good.

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Looking good. Mine seems to be taking forever. I used to love rainy days, not so much during a pool build. Great design btw. Can't wait to see it finished.

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Thanks for posting! Love to see the building process.

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We are in Double Oak and are currently building our pool. Curious as to how far along you are?

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How is the pool going? May I ask what prices you received by the companies you ask to bid?

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Your pool looks gorgeous! I am also curious as to where you are now. I would think it is finished? I am also helping my son get some landscaping done including a pool. I hate to be too crass but would you mind telling (or emailing) what this cost you and what the range of estimates had been? Thanks ever so much for sharing your experiences!

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