Safe to Use? 3/4"x3/4" glass tile as step markers

karen4235September 27, 2012


I have a 16 cabo bench with 3 steps going down. My question is can I use 3/4"x3/4", 1/8" thick mini glass tiles using 3 strands of glass tiles on each step on the steps? The sizes of the tiles worries me as I'm thinking they don't have much surface area for the mortar to grab and mights fall out in a few years?

Anyone have these mini tiles or have installed them before? Just looking for either a PB or a pool owner to confirm that it's okay to use.

I do have a backup step tile that I can use but it isn't as pretty (1"x2") glass tiles. So I'm hoping someone can confirm it's safe to use the 3/4x3/4" glass tiles.


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We just had our pool built this year and put glass tile on all our steps. We have 4 glass tiles set in a diamond every 8 inches. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Good luck!

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Hi Gtofan,

Do u have a picture? I would love to see it!

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I'd love to see a picture also !

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Check out They have some absolutely gorgeous markers and glass accent tile. I wanted to use them but could not get them in time as I was nearly finished with pool build.

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