electrical distance

lbphathead19September 5, 2012

A PB giving us an estimate told me that the location I wanted to put my equipment would encroach on electrical "allowable" code for distance from water. What is this distance?

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Electrical distances are as follows from waterline:
1. 5 feet for mechanical equipment and breaker boxes. Pumps, heaters, AC units and electrical panels containing breakers.The exception is if you have a wall that blocks the equipment and that no one can reach over from the pool to touch the equipment.

2. 10' for electrical outlets. It's the 10/20 rule. You cannot have an outlet within 10 feet of water and you have to have one within 20 feet of water.

3. Low voltage lighting must be 10' from water.

4. Overhead power lines must be no less than 13 feet above water. This is for Southern California Edison customers.

5. Underground power not related to your pool must be 5' from water.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Grant, tying to figure out where the best option for the equipment ould be,

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