Worth Time/Money on a Free ~10 year old Viking Range

faulstrApril 7, 2014

We got a free Viking 36 inch gas range that is approx 10 years old. It looks rough but my husband has put a few hours in today cleaning it up and that looks to be promising. However it also has an electrical issue so we'll definitely have to spend some money. We will be building a new house later this year and love the idea of being able to incorporate a Viking range in our kitchen because that would be out of our budget. But is a 10 year old Viking worth fixing up to put in a brand new house?

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Sophie Wheeler

Only if you're willing to treat it like an antique and completely refurbish it. Electronics, insulation, hinges, all of those expensive little parts. They don't have a good reputation for reliability or longevity. And no one ever gets rid of anything tnat they find useful.

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Can't speak to Viking specifically, but we are getting rid of a high end dual-fuel Dacor range that we've had for 12 yrs. It is still a beautiful looking appliance that I'm certain someone would even still pay to have in their kitchen. But I wouldn't give it to anyone I know in good conscience knowing the costly and inconvenient problems we've had with its electronics. I would heed hollysprings' warnings on this.

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I took a 48" Viking as final payment on a countertop job a decade ago. My wife spent a day cleaning it (bachelor owned) and it worked great even though we did have to replace a $150.00 ignitor. We heated the house with it when the furnace went out.

It's certainly worth cleaning and taking a gamble with, especially for free.

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Consider that in a new build your precise appliance measurements will be used to create your cabinet layout and the template for your countertops. If the range fails, it might not be easy to just slide in a new one. Ask me how I know ;(

Just something worth thinking about before you take the gamble.

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