IKEA Single Drawer in top of 30 & 36 inch Cabinets?

buildinvaApril 26, 2013

I feel certain I've seen pictures of how someone modified the top drawers of these cabs so that they had one drawer front (though they remain 2 separate drawers inside) and open together. But I've searched here and on google for an hour and can't find it! Is this familiar to anyone? Remember where you saw it?


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It shouldnt be hard. You would just buy a drawer front the and the drawers would not get a drawer face rather they would both bolt to the drawer face. I dont think they make a 36" single drawer face that is that shallow though, only 30 "

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I'm sure you can find a tutorial on this over at ikeafans if you search.

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Has anyone come across a hack for this? I've searched and cannot find.

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I remember seeing this and considered it after my drawer failure.

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robo (z6a)

30" drawer, no problem, you can use the shallow 30" drawer from the oven cabinet (sold separately).

36" drawer - there is no SINGLE shallow drawer front the right size. If you care more about space than the look of a single drawer, you could use a 36" wide drawer bottom or mdf and one set of the shallow 18" slides behind 2 18" drawer fronts bolted together in the back to do basically the opposite of what you're asking. There's a tutorial for this on ikeafans.

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