The baby Pajama quilt top

MaeTApril 2, 2013

Now I have to find the backing for it. Dil wants purple on the back (light purple or lavender). Still not sure about the dark purple on the corners but Dil said to put one in each corner. Going to send her the photo to see what she thinks now.
Already have the batting for it, just need to wash and dry it for shrinkage.

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don't know what happened to it. It didn't upload on the first post.

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Fantastic. It looks so feminine.

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I love it! I love it! I love it!
Better than the inspirational quilt ~~~ you arranged the jammies perfectly ~ very nice distribution of color. Cute center square ~ little girl on bicycle. You should be very pleased so far.

I am curious, why are you going to the (horrible, sounds to me) trouble of preshrinking the batting? Using a light poly will keep it from very much shrinking. I'm not questioning your decision - just wondering why. :)

Great job on the top. I'm so happy to see your progress.

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I am shrinking the batting because the directions on the Warm and White says to preshrink it. Well I just checked the package again and says you don't have to but it has 3% shrinkage and to hand wash it if you want. Maybe I won't preshrink it after all. I didn't notice the part about not having to preshrink it.
I'm also going to replace the purple corner blocks with pastels. I don't really like them

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A very sweet quilt. Very nice work. And I think you are doing the right thing to replace the corner blocks. The other colors are so soft that I think the dark corners take away from the whole.

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Lovely quilt. I like all the soft -colored pjs, especially the Habs block.
Nice work.

~Geraldine (a fellow Eastern Canadian)

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I use Warm & White and NEVER preshrink the batting and always preshrink the cottons unless they are precuts. The batting will shrink and give the quilt a crinkly look and feel. It will be softer if you space your quilting (do not do dense quilting).
I fear the weight of wet plain batting would be unmanageable and distort-maybe others who have preshrunk it beforehand will share their experience and tell me I have nothing to fear :)
I don't 'hate' the dark purple blocks, but agree a softer color choice would be better. Perhaps you can use them in the label for the back.
Again, this is such a cute idea and a great use of her sleepers.
At first, I couldn't imagine that these blocks would turn out so nice & orderly. Your precise cutting, sewing, pressing & handling of these squares should be applauded!

Whats a Habs block??

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I see it! ( the Habs block that is)

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This turned out beautiful! It was a great idea and you did a super job. The colours look like they are from a fabric line, so many of the same value. Amazing how well they all worked together. Good idea to change the purple blocks. I too think they would look out of place. Such a cozy looking quilt!

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Habs is a nickname for the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL (National Hockey League) .
The block has a 'C' with an 'H' inside it.


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It looks really sweet and soft.......great pattern for all those pj's.


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ahhhhhh........Canadian Hockey! I see the Habs Block! Yippee!

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I'm impressed!!!! Turned out beautifully.

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Thanks ladies, I have the corner squares changed and it looks so much nicer. I'll post a picture tomorrow.
I am going to wash the batting. I washed the batting for their baby quilts and it was ok. Bigger job with larger batting but I don't want the shrinkage after it is quilted. I did do a search online today about washing the batting and seems it should be ok as long as it isn't put in the washer.

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It's sweet and charming. How are you going to quilt it.

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Fran I am not sure how I'm going to quilt it. I am going to hand quilt it myself tho. I'm going to put it aside until I can find the flannel that I want for the back. I posted another photo of it with the dark corner blocks taken out.

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