dan_the_mailmanApril 5, 2012

Okay my fellow quilters, I need some advice/suggestions. For my mystery quilt with the seeds-n-stitches group, I made two copies of the same quilt block. It's the middle of this image...

I would like to take the 2nd block and quarter it, and put it into the corners, like I've done in the above image. What I haven't figured out yet is what to do with the area between them, which is the solid pink and blue areas. I'm leaning towards keeping those triangles in order to echo the middle block. But, should I keep the blue and pink areas solid colors? patterns? or a mix?

What do you think?

This quilt is going to be 90" square, and the center block is approximately 45" square.


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I'd keep them solid. There's a lot of pattern already there.

Remember when you quarter a block, you lose a quarter inch off the inside cut edges so size will not show as same as middle block. Nice block, though.

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What about a darker pink? Sorta pop the block?

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What if you replaced the pink with the darker color in the center of the block. It looks dark green on my monitor.


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If I'm reading this correctly, the corner blocks are approx 22" square and the pink/blue rectangles 22" X 45"??? I think the 22" X 45" is too large of a space to leave blank unless you plan to do some fancy quilting there. If not, how about using some bias tape for a slight curvy stem and sew on a few raw edge posies? Or hearts...or stars...or...something????


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I like the block!!! I vote for solids too.

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Do you have a color theme? It might help us to know that.

I think I'm with Sharon on this: those are awfully big spaces to leave solid. Are the small squares (cream and light green) also solids? Maybe my monitor isn't showing it very well, but it looks to me like the only print you have is the center fabric.

Don't forget what toolgranny brought up: when you cut one of your center blocks into quarters you are going to lose 1/4" for seam allowances. It might throw your measurements off if you don't allow for it.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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Hello Everyone! And thanks for the suggestions! You've all been a big help. Here's a picture of what I think I'm going to do...

I'll do those middle sections in strips, which will not only make it go faster, but put in some quilting in those large areas. The darker pink was a great suggestion since those light-colored blocks in the checkerboard areas are actually light pink, but they're washed out by the green ones. We'll see when it's finished what happens. I'll post pictures of the final product when I've got it done.

Again, thanks for the suggestions!

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Hi Dan,
If you take the image, copy it and paste it into MS Paint and then paste again, move the square beside the first one, paste again, move the block beside the last one, paste again, move the block below the first one and repeat to make a full second row you can get an overall view of what the quilt will look like. Going to be awesome!

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I like the last one with the 2 pinks better. More interesting and less 'big wide open' spaces, but still some for quilting.

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