Soda Ash vs. Baking Soda??

swim_team_momSeptember 1, 2007

My pool needs 3 and 1/4 pounds of soda ash, and 4 pounds of alkalinity increaser. Could I just use 3 and 1/4 pounds of baking soda instead of the soda ash, or will it damage my plaster? Baking Soda at the market is quite a bit cheaper than the soda ash at the pool store, and I've heard they're the same thing, but the pool store says that they're not exactly the same. Are they just trying to make a buck?

Thanks to all who help me out with this one!

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Baking soda is a much lower pH than soda ash. You would know if it got on an open cut. OUCH!

The store is correct and in reality both products are real cheap compared to any other pool chemical. You could go to Costco and load up on a 50# bag of baking soda and accomplish your task. Just know that the ability to affect pH or alkalinity is less with soda ash so more is needed. Soda ash may be more but you'll use less.

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I assume you need to raise your pH and your Alk. I think using both is a better way to go. For a more in depth explanation try this post at also and see what kind of replies you get there. I know there are a few "poolgeeks" there that will give you a better explanation than I ever could.


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I know that if your PH and Alk are low you can use baking soda to raise them both at one time. Add slowly according to how many gallons your pool is.. Then test if not where it needs to be add a little more and so on...

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