Using a Realtor selling siblings unit located in my complex

David-TypeSMarch 29, 2011

I am in the process of selling my CONDO in my complex and found a good realtor last week. This week while I was chatting with her, she explained that she was selling another CONDO in my complex and it BELONGED TO HER DAUGHTER.

My Unit is a different floor plan and about 100sqft bigger; however, I am pricing it in the same range as this other unit.

I have an appointment to sign a SELLERS contract this Friday and having second thoughts about using a realtor who is selling a relative's unit in my complex.

Do you all think this would benefit me? She could show both our units at the same time and give the buyers a chance to view 2 different floor plans.

On the other hand, I am worried that she will try to sell the other unit before mine.

Any insight and assistance would be helpful...

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As there is no way to know if the REA would do this or not, perhaps your better bet is to simply find another agent.

IMO, as she did not disclose this info when you first met, you may want to consider that when you make your decision.

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If she met my criteria for an agent; I would sign a contract but put an unhappy clause in it just in case you're not happy.

The thing is that she probably won't be the one showing either apartment & if she does; she may not show yours because you didn't go with her.

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I imagine she is probably won't be making a full commission off the sale of her daughter's place. So, she'll have more financial incentive to sell your place first. Perhaps?

If you otherwise like the agent, I'd probaby stick with her.

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If your condo is bigger & laid out differently, it'll appeal to a different buyer from her daughter's condo.

If you like this Realtor, sign up;
every time she shows yours, she'll show her daughter's, & *every time she shows her daughter's, she'll show yours.*

I wish you the best.

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