Any Ideas Where I Can Find This Bed, and Do You Like Metal Beds?

trudymomMay 16, 2012

Any idea what stores might have the bed below? And if you have a metal bed as opposed to wood, do you like it? Thank you!


Here is a link that might be useful: Bed

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I have two metal beds (one in master and one in second BR) and I really like them. They lend themselves to almost any kind of decorating style and furniture and are easy to maintain.

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Our bed is much like this one. I found it at the now defunct Bombay Co. I see it's still offered at the online site. Have seen its almost- twin at Pottery Barn. Yes, I love it. I had purchased an $$$, mahogany
West Indies type and was not happy with the heavy feel , along with its taller head board, so gave to our dd. The (aged)brass bed made an immediate transformation to light and romantic.....perhaps a bit of a Victoria magazine feel. An extra support pillow against the back takes care of reading in bed against the bars. I leave it there for sleeping to avoid a head bump, but probably not needed. DH uses the one pillow with no issues.

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It looks similar to a Wesley Allen bed.

We bought a WA bed from a different site for our bedroom. I don't see it (the actual bed) on the WA site anymore though.

The rest of the furniture in our room is wood and I really like the mix. I wanted something pretty substantial and different. I wouldn't change it.

Recently I was in Boscov's and saw a couple in similar style for a fraction of the cost. I'm still happy I bought the one I did but I could've settled for this other style if I had to. Have you checked out any dept. stores?

Hopefully someone can pin point the actual bed you're looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wesley Allen

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Ours has the four wood posts but the rest of the head and footboard is metal. I've always loved ours and I like the contrast against the adobe wall. The only downside that I can think of is that it's very uncomfortable to lean against on its own. But, we just prop our bed pillows against it and it's very comfy. We feel use 3 each when propped up in bed reading, but that's just us.

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Didn't know Bombay was still in business. And they still have the exact desk I bought 10 years ago for $100. It is now $400. 10 years is a very long time to retain the same stock. They must have had 1,000s of those.

For some reason I think your bed is a hand painted one, perhaps an antique. If you could find one similar in style, it would be easy to match the overall concept. I love my iron bed, bought it online from Overstock. It is solid and they have great prices, shipping is always 2.98. Long ago I saw a red one with aged patina. Still want to try this. Spray painting a metal bed is easy.

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Emagineer, I believe some company bought the Bombay name. The original had great prices for decent looking knock-offs. Our bed was ridiculously inexpensive. Trudy, do look around because this kind of bed can be found in all sorts of prices, and $$$ does not seem to affect the look of quality. While I' d guess ours was made overseas! ( I cannot bring myself to think or write the C word!) It is sturdy and looks no different than those costing far more, which can almost never be said about wood casegoods from ...( insert C word) : > )

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Charles P. Rogers has a lot of iron beds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charles P. Rogers beds.

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Martinca....the company that bought them must have acquired a ton of stock. And I agree with you about the metal/iron beds. Cost doesn't seem relative unless one is buying solid brass or an historical antique.

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I think I saw that bed in Coastal Living Magazine, maybe you could do a search of that site. I'd do it but I'm so busy today. Good luck.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I used to love brass beds....of course I loved the shiny brass of the 80s. The only problem with them is for people who read in's difficult to prop oneself up on them without losing a pillow between the rails. But metal beds can be very nice.

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You could also check out Brass Beds of Virginia. They have many different styles and finishes available. I have one and it is very sturdy. Not has heavy as the antique iron ones, but very well made.

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I am considering one for a beach place we are building. It is the Kincaid Somerset Garden Bed, a charcoal wrought iron bed. I wanted a mix with the beds (not all white and pastel colors) and the room this bed will reside has a double window it will probably be placed in front of. I needed something that would not block the light and I think this bed is a good option. sorry, do not know how to post this picture.

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I can second Brass Beds of Virginia! I love that company. My bed is just like new after many, many years. I can't say enough about that outstanding company.

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my bed, chests of drawers and dresser are all vintage metal. I love them. I don't know where to find the one you posted, good luck finding it!

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A third recommendation for Brass Beds of Virginia...we love ours too! You can purchase it directly from the factory and customize it exactly as you want.

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I'll 2nd what AnnieD said, if you or those using it like to read in bed or watch TV, then the metal doesn't work the best. I've only been around them when visiting elsewhere. The one you're looking at doesn't look real substantial or beefy. I always thought of a headboard as securing the bed or weighing it down a bit more, so I wonder how the metal works in that regard. I love the looks of metal, as it remind me of simpler times gone by.

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Thank you all for your thoughts!
sheesharee, how do you like your WA bed? I have been looking at those.
lynninnewmexico, yours is very gorgeous! Love your adobe walls also!
jakabedy, those Charles P. Rogers beds are really gorgeous!
yayagal, you are correct--it is from Coastal Living. I will research more. Thanks!
Thank you for the Brass Beds of Virginia thought!
You are all so helpful!!! Thank you!!

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We have a metal bed with the BR set only because I didn't buy the headboard when I bought the set, and, of course, it is since discontinued. However, in a smaller BR I feel the very tall wood headboard would be a bit much, so I like the look of the metal.

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There are pluses and minuses. I have slept in '80s brass beds, 1880s brass beds, and a more modern wrought iron bed. Here are some things to think about.

- Metal beds originally became popular as a precaution against bedbugs. Bedbugs hide in wood furniture, so if you get an infestation simply replacing the mattress won't suffice. For most of my life, bedbugs were a quaint old affliction remembered only in good-night sayings. However, they are now back in a big way. If you travel at all, your luggage can carry bedbugs from a hotel (even a very nice hotel) right back to your own bed. If so, you may have to treat or replace the mattress but at least your bed will be easy to sanitize.

- You need to plan out where your head goes. Banging your skull on metal is unpleasant. That means you need good-sized pillows for sleeping and extra fluffage for reading. And yes, pillows do have a tendency to slip behind the bed.

- I found it pleasant to touch the cool metal with my hands when I was warm in bed. It sounds like nothing, but it actually made a difference in comfort .

- By all means get a well-made bed if you go metal. Cheap metal beds flex and move and bend even more than cheap wooden ones. A poorly made bed will make you feel like you are sleeping in a lifeboat on open seas.

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Just coming back after marcolos post because I have a very different take re the negatives . Mine is a king bed from Bombay Co. It was super cheap and about 6 -7 Years old. It is very movement . I had thought the finish ( aged brass) might not wear well, but looks new. The pillows do not slide behind or between the bars. My DH sleeps with one pillow and has never bumped his head. In a king there's no reason to have head up against the headboard.
I had wondered about reading in bed, but it is a non issue. However, I do not sit upright, but am somewhat supine , with support of two pillows. Might be different in a double/ shorter bed, or if I sat up vs slouching.
So my input is that this is one piece of furniture where you can possibly go cheap. And so you know how I feel about furniture quality : in today's world,Henredon and the like barely pass my critical eye. For the good stuff I seek out auctions and antiques. HomeGoods? Have you ever seen a lovely looking wood piece that's scratched and seen the white plaster beneath! Even for a tiny accent table I'd find a better one at Goodwill.
But metal beds are a different breed. Good luck on finding one you love.

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I have a metal headboard. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks. I don't read in bed so that is not an issue for me. The only issue I have but I even had this issue when I had a wooden headboard is that I have to pull it way from the wall or prop something between the head board and wall because I don't like if it bumps the wall.

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I have two metal bed frames. Both were rescued from a old chicken coop and redone. The only problem with the old style is you have to watch your sizes on the box and mattress. Box and mattress sizes have gotten larger over the yrs. and sometimes you have to make adjustments in the frame to fit the new sizes.

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I have an iron bed from Charles Rogers and the quality is excellent! I have a post about my cottage bedroom if you want to see it.
I have to agree with marcolo about the iron being cool to touch when it's warm weather and it is comforting.
Definitely get a good quality bed. I have slept in some that were made poorly and it is worth the extra money.

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Great suggestions everyone!! Thank you!!!

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I own a few metal beds from Charles P Rogers. They are good quality.

They tend to be less ornate then Benicia Foundry, another big name in metal beds. I have a Benicia crib, and a Benicia four poster from my first apartrment and now in the guest room. They are very good quality but pricey.

For comfort, you can't beat an upholstered headboard. When I used to sleep in the metal bed, pillow slippage drove me crazy and reading in bed was a pita. Of course, if I liked the look those issues would not rise to the level of an actual deterrent.....

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