I need ideas pool/spa indoors

ksh2488September 3, 2013

I have developed arthritis and we are building a new one story home. I would love to build a separate building off to the side of the house that would be a work out area with a swim/spa (one with the current) and could have a sauna in it and a small bathroom. Now my problem. I live in Nebraska and there are not a lot of builders in our small rural area that have done something like this before. Can anyone out there give me ideas either online or of someone I could contact that could come up with a plan for this? I haven't looked into the price either and am wondering if this will be an outrageous price. Also I figure while I have a contractor (who is very good) there now is the time to do it. Help me please with any and all kinds of ideas please. We live on a farm so space is not a problem.

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Your best bet would be to construct your swim/spa on a SRC (steel reinforced concrete) platform, utilizing SRC or SRCMU (steel reinforced concrete filled cinder blocks) for your walls, and utilizing tiles for your interior pool finish. Place a quality current generator like Badu or Fastlane swim jets to provide you with what your wanting to achieve.
Note, you will need a quality dehumidifier for your workout/swim room, trust me this is a must have.
This would be a walk in the park for a good contractor.
Your isolation in rural farmland would make this combination much more affordable than meeting a minimum yardage shoot and traveling charges price
from a guniting contractor.
When we build indoors I always put my buildings walls on a large footer beam, use greenrock and a good enamel paint, and pour the floor last after construction of the pool. Also, be sure you make allowances for floor drains exiting the building to handle splash out and washing the floor.
Good luck with your project, I'll try to make it a point to come in more often like I used to do frequently and attempt to answer any questions you may have.
Don't be scared of a project like this, if I lived up in a northern area I'd definitely have an indoor climate controlled pool area.
Heck, if I could afford the electricty bill I'd build one right now here in SE Texas to get out of our brutal heat & humidity for my swimming.

See ya,

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