Should I stage this area?

aktillery9March 29, 2012

This space is currently empty(end od hall/room) I was thinking of adding a small buffet or tea cart with some items for drinking and dining as there are french doors to the left that open onto a terrace with chairs, table and bbq.

My question is, should I go to the trouble or leave it empty. Or does anyone have any other suggestions?



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I would leave the area empty, if that is you only concern. I will keep the paintings on the wall since it will give an impression of the owner's care. JMO.

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Can you post a photo that shows the area in context with the french doors? it's hard to see exactly how big it is and whether the furniture might be in the way.

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I am not in Seattle but will be going soon (boyfriend's house).

Here is a vide of of the house if you want to see what is going on. You have to be signed in to your facebook account if you have one. Its a really cool home with a lot of interesting features.

This was taken years ago and its only 90% complete.

Let me know any of your thoughts in general. I will be staging and moving things around.


Here is a link that might be useful: link to house

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Here, I snipped from your video to show a different view:

I think I would put a comfy chair in the corner with a floor lamp, maybe stage it as a reading nook.

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Perfect reading nook. Same as Weedy wrote.


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Thanks Jane and wanj for the advice.

Weedy..thanks so much for doing that!!

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Having just gone through the decluttering, staging and ultimately selling of my house, I had to say that I discovered that there were areas of my house that actually looked smaller when they were empty, than when they had a few (note I said FEW) pieces of furniture or decorative accents in them.

And unfortunately, I find that there are a lot of people who simply don't have the imagination to 'see' what can be done in a specific space. That adorable little area could very easily be perceived as just a sort of hallway to the French Doors.

I'd definitely put something small in that area. Nothing big or overstuffed. Maybe a nice delicate rocker--just to suggest that it actually is large enough for furniture.

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I love the idea of a reading nook. Another thought would be a small place for doing a puzzle or game. I agree with azzalea that you want to keep the furniture small.

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Thanks everyone! A small reading nook it is!

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