Building a new pool...Kool Deck, Stained Concrete..what??

newpoolforusSeptember 7, 2010

We're building our first pool, finally. It's only been a week and I'm already worn out LOL. I'll post pics as soon as I figure this out..Supposed to get gunite tomorrow, but it's supposed to flood tomorrow, so I guess no gunite for us. We're not building a huge or elaborate pool but one that's perfect for the value of our home and the age of our kids. We are in our "starter" house, so next pool will be THE POOL. So for your decking, what did you use and why? We can choose Kool deck, stained concrete, salt wash (I think I have that right), and several other options. Thoughts..opinions??

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We did colored concrete (not stained - color added to the concrete).

If you do colored concrete, my advice would be to pick the color you want, and then go one or two shades darker.

We picked the color we wanted it to look like (which wasa light tan), and it did look like that when they poured it. But once it dried, it was much lighter and doesn't look much different than regular concrete.

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We have a little bit of everything. The majority of our decking is made with Kool deck. We do have a 1' border all the way around the pool that is stamped/painted concrete. It's made to look like stone. I love the look, but I will tell you that the painted concrete gets extremely hot. As far as "salt wash" goes, that's just unpainted concrete. After they pour the deck, they sprinkle the surface with pieces of rock salt which are melted away with water after the concrete has cured to leave small decorative holes. While this is appealing to the eye, it is also very hot.

I think your choice all depends on where you live. We are in Phoenix, AZ (about 1 mile from the sun these days) and the stamped/painted concrete is so hot you could honestly get 3rd degree burns on your feet. The Kool deck is hot, but definitely cooler than the concrete.

I agree with Grassy on the color. Pick the color you like and go two shades darker. We were also told to do this and I admit I was scared because the sample was so dark. I'm so glad we did. The color is even a tiny bit lighter than the one we wanted...

Good luck with your pool.

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Hi newpoolforus,

Are you happy with the build so far? Can you post some pictures? How do you like Custom Outdoor Trends?

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Dark = Hot it may be good to look at it but your kids feet will not appreciate it.

Brushed concrete (most sidewalks and driveways) is the cheapest option and may be perfect if this is a 'budget' pool at a 'budget' home. It is light colored and stays cooler on your feet then many more expensive options.

Stone aggregate on top is just a little more cost and also looks nice but can be rough on the feet.

concrete stains, KookDeck, and etc. can add alot of cost. In an elaborate pool it is worth the cost.

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