Chlorine issue

nielsens2001September 2, 2011

I had a new pool built which was completed 7 weeks ago. Last weekend, I shocked the pool for the first time; 1lb of shock for 13k gallons. Unfortunately, I forgot to shut off my inline chlorinator and on Sunday my chlorine levels were north of 5ppm. I then added chlorine neutralizer which brought down the chlorine levels. Since then, i have set my inline chlorinator on a very low setting and have consistently had very high chlorine levels for the past 3 days. Also, this evening I noticed that the grey heads for my Paramount infloor cleaning system are becoming bleached out. Any suggestions?

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Please post your levels for Free Chlorine (FC), Combined Chlorine or Total Chlorine (CC or TC), Alk, pH, CYA (stabilizer).


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Thanks, Scott.

CYA 80
TA 80
pH 7.4
TDS 1100
Pho 0

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The issues are the level of CYA in the pool and your CC is greater than .5ppm.

CYA helps protect the chlorine from the Sun's UV rays. It does this for both FC and CC though.

The correct FC level is dictated by the level of CYA. Normally, a tablet fed pool needs 8 to 10% of the level of FC when compared to the CYA level. Your FC is a little light.

Your TC - FC = CC, Combined chlorine. It should never be more than .5 ppm. Yours appears to be 1ppm, indicating that you need to shock your pool. Alas, the higher the CYA, the higher the FC needs to be to get to shocking level. Shock is a process, not a product. Please read the Shocking Your Pool section at Trouble Free Pools. I have linked it below.

I expect you will need to do some water replacement. The continued use of tablets will continue to raise your CYA level. The use of Di-chlor powder will also raise youthe CYA level. Use either bleach or 10/12% liquid.

The only way to reduce this is via dilution or a reverse osmosis service, which, AFAIK, only exists in the San Diego area.

You did not list your calcium hardness level.

TDS is a generic term. Its usually mostly salt.


Here is a link that might be useful: How To Shock Your Pool

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