Is it a good idea to make couch higher by changing legs?

shelendeMay 29, 2010

I have trouble getting up out of my couch because of my bad knees and a lot of the sofa's are too low for me. Has anyone ever purchased a sofa with removable legs and replaced them with legs that would be a few inches higher, purchased from those companies on the internet that sell furniture legs? None of the salespeople in the furniture stores ever heard of anyone doing that and I wonder if it actually helps make the couch more comfortable or throws the body out of kilter. Is it a crazy idea or something viable to do? As long as my feet touch the floor when I am sitting, how can that be a bad idea?

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I've never actually done it but have often thought of it. It seems to me that they are making furniture a little shorter now. Especially at mass production furniture stores.

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I got the extra tall bed risers (7 additional inches) at BBB following DH abdominal surgery and put them under chair and 1/2 legs. Worked like a charm!

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I did it on the couch in the bonus room. One of the legs cracked and so I decided that was a good time to also raise the height of the couch. I bought the new legs at Home Depot in the molding department. You just need to finish them. The bolts/screws fit the old brackets, so it was basically take out the old and put in the new. That said the couch does not have a skirt so the extra height wasn't an issue with the looks. It makes the couch set better and I should have done it sooner.

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Just check with the sofa's manufacturer and see if it can be done. I wanted to just change the legs/feet on my H&M leather Chesterfield, and asked and expert on Hancock and Moore. He contacted the company and due to the way the legs are attached, it can't be done on mine.

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I have a bad back and mobility issues so I certainly sympathize. I agree...check with manufacturer. Good luck with your project, hope it all works out.

Here is a link that might be useful: chair lift

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