Your best added option/upgrade

JanzpoolSeptember 6, 2013

Now that it's all said and done - what would you say was your best decision in regards to any added option or upgrade?

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Artistic Pavers Shellock, and the coping, too. Love, love, love it, even though it was a really expensive upgrade.

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Pebblesheen and the Intellichlor remote system

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Many of my customers enjoy upgrading their lights to Color Changing LED lights and find the expense well worth the fun. Down the road, many people wish they had more decking than originally designed. Think about all the furniture and entertaining areas you may want in the future.

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My pool isn't even finished yet but I'm really glad we put in a fire pit. We've been using it already! I'll get back to you about the actual pool once I've had a chance to use it!!

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The most common regrets I hear are:

-I wish I made my baja step bigger
-I wish I had a little more decking
-I wish I had splurged for a nicer remote system

The most common items people are glad they added:

-LED color changing lights
-infloor cleaning with proper debris removing drain/dedicated suction
-real PebbleSheen
-ozone and/or salt

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Thanks everyone, very helpful. I have already told my husband we need to add more decking. I had originally thought of colored lights - but now need to go back and make sure we did add it in. Husband has made sure he has best remote :)

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