quilt for a toddler

fincheloverApril 29, 2011

This may have been discussed before. I want to make a 1 year old toddler a quilt and I thought someone stated they did not put a batting in between. My question then is do you sew a topping and some type of backing together and that is it. Too me it sounds as if it wouldn't last very long I hope I am making myself clear. Thanks

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I put batting in nearly all my quilts - regardless of who or age of the recipient.
However, if you want you can use a lighter weight fabric in place of batting - such as flannel, muslin. A muslin 'batting' would make for a very light weight quilt - a good one to 'wad up & carry around' like toddlers often do!

Good luck! & have fun!!


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I have made little people quilts with only fleece for the back, some I have put flannel in also. The fleece is quilt enough most of the time for a drag around quilt and makes it easier for the little ones to handle. They like the softness and cuddly feel. Jayne

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I've found if you really want to make a hit, use satin as the binding or backing. Throw in some velvet and it's toddler heaven.

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A quilt for a one year old seems like a waste. I honestly think the only one who really enjoys it is the parents. I'd wait for the child to get older and make one then that they will remember and love.
For a one year old I think fleece blankets are the way to go. The added benefit is when it gets time to give it up mom can cut a small square of it for in the child's pocket for security, you can't do that with a quilt.

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for those who answered my ?. Thanks. to Carol I may have taken your response wrong but that opinion and answer you gave is why some of us drop this forum. Please answer the question as asked and not your opionion. I know many who make their toddlers quilt just so they can just "drag" around and enjoy.

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I have made my own children, nieces and nephews, etc. (now age 30-25) and they drug them around and loved them so much that they wanted me to mend them (No way). They were filthy from use and loving. These were all gifts as babies. Some had batting and some had flannel on the back only. This is before the days of polar fleece. Some were not used as much as my own children had lots of blankets as gifts from grandmas as well so... I would say make one. Some children get way more attached than others. And yes, those with silky corners got lots of loving and at age 25 is still on her bed :)

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Well, I was going to answer but since it would just be my opinion I guess I won't!

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Flight of ideas: I made a rag quilt with novelty fabric, flannel and denim backing. I ended up with one row too many. I clipped the seams anyway and threw the loose row in the dryer with the actual quilt. The stray row went into the toy basket I keep for the grands.

Don't you know my granddaughter dragged that thing around with her every time she came to visit for weeks. You never know what will appeal to a toddler at any given time.

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In my opinion: I wouldn't think of NOT making a baby quilt for one of my Grands. I still make baby quilts to give away. I probably got started into quilting by making the first ones for our GBabies as they came along.
Now, to answer the question as posted: For light weight quilts I use flannel on the back with no filler. I think they are called Summer Quilts.

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