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autiemomMay 2, 2012

Hey everybody, I am really struggling with finding the right color for my foyer/entrance way. It is dark, and does not get a lot of natural light. I want to try to bring some light and a little bit of the outside in. I was thinking green but I can't seem to find the right one. Any color suggestions for me? I'm not afraid of color... Right now it is "realtor beige" and really looks blah. The hall opens to a living room painted in BM Spice Gold, and my kitchen painted in Behr Pale Daffodil. In the pic below, ignore the blue carpet. It is being replaced soon with hardwoods that match the hallway. So its a non issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I am stuck on this one!

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Here is another view...

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

I have the same lovely blue carpet on my stairs, which will also be going away soon. Trust me when I say you'll never find a paint color that will go well with your existing colors as long as the blue is there. That darn blue reflects off of everything!

I would recommend you tear the carpet out before you even think about choosing a color. Clean slate, ya know? Besides, what's under it is way closer to your future hardwoods, which will go a long way in helping you to better see the true color samples. An added bonus is that you won't have to cover the stairs when you paint the walls, which can be a safety issue. A few drips won't hurt anything!

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Obviously,start with the carpeting change. Before you choose wall color, you might want to paint your molding a brighter white. Also, consider adding more trim in the form of crown, chair with picture molding or the ever-popular board and batten. The spindles on your staircase could also be painted white. All the reflective qualities of a semi gloss paint will brighten the room.

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I agree with you both! We're going to do the trim white, and add crown molding throughout the downstairs, but are waiting until the walls are painted first. Unfortunately, the carpet on the stairs is around probably until close to Christmas or early in the new year. Also, we haven't lived in this house that long, and all the walls were painted in flat paint. I have several young special needs children at home and desperately need to be able to clean the walls, as the foyer looks really terrible and makes an awful impression. I will likely repaint again once we pull the carpet (we will probably bring pros in to paint at that point, and will add the crown then, and may replace the front door to bring in more light), but in the meantime I need help with a color solution... Any further suggestions would be great.

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I used a really pretty green in my windowless laundry room that I loved. Looked great with the white trim. It was soft enough it didn't overwhelm the space.

SW Liveable Green

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