BRAND New Molteni in Crate

susied3March 27, 2012

Anybody interested in a brand new Beautiful Blue Molteni that has never been uncrated?

If I didn't already have my range, I would be all over this! She had just the right size brand new vent-a-hood insert which she was going to use, but, economy, shemonomy, so, it's sad to see this beautiful range with no home.

I immediately thought of Igloochic. It would be so pretty in that kitchen.

Take a look!

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Lmao I'm sending the link to dh. He's in Dallas this week!

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We wanted a Molteni in the lake house and decided we didn't like the service from the retailer but dh still whines about the loss. I even like the blue lol though I was planning on a 90" range....but for a bargain like that I could make do lol.

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LOL I just posted about it on your thread.
Yea, that is a Bargain!

Can't believe your husband is in Dallas. Durant is actually just across the Red River in Oklahoma, though. It's about 60 miles north of Dallas.

That is just such a good deal, someone on HERE should get it!

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He has a plane and I explained to him that with just a little heavy lifting on the part of his fellow travelers, they could just pop it in the back and be on their merry way!

I haven't gotten the "are you smoking crack again" response via email yet do perhaps he's explaining to the accountant traveling with him how well this will work!

In all was him who really wanted the Molteni for the last kitchen. He still thinks we should work in the 80 grand Molteni island in this one lol (it's freaking huge but wouldn't that be a fantasy design to play with here?).

Five years ago this one would have been around 20,000. I haven't priced them recently but either way, it's a screaming deal.

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there was someone on the forum who was seriously considering a Molteni -- not sure where she lives, but hope she sees the post!

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I am so excited I can hardly type!!!!!

deeageaux sent me a link to the posting on Craigslist. I sent a response but I'm new to this online stuff so I didn't really believe someone could be selling a Molteni on Craigslist!

Is this for real???!!!! I would like to see the spec/tech sheets to see if it contains my wishlist. WOW!!!! I am so excited... I know this is not the way to begin negotiations... I should appear more disinterested... but, I can't help myself.

I live in Ontario, Canada so I'm not sure about logistics, etc...

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Apparently I'm not well-versed in the benefits of these extremely expensive (to me at least) appliances. What is so amazing about a Molteni exactly?

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For the price, Molteni ranges probably cook by themselves, no cooks needed. I have called the headquarters to see if it was true but only got voicemail. LOL.

But seriously, I downloaded the specs and still couldn't figure out what the side cabinets were for.

Could someone please enlighten me?


I am not going to compete with you for this one (wink), just curious (in case I ever have a house that could go with this style as our current one doesn't).

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4mamma, it is for real. I don't know how much it would cost to crate it from Texas to Canada. I think my shipping was around $2500, but that was from France to Washington, then to Texas.
I don't know the woman who owns it, however, she is very good friends with my sister in law who lives in her town, and ironically, I only found that out when I started talking to her about the vent-a-hood I was inquiring about. And, she came by it very honestly, her story is very interesting.
Igloochic, can you add to it to make the island?

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eleena and pricklypearcactus, my sisters have the same jokes going... the latest is asking whether the oven(s) are self-clean which I don't think they are - so they've inserted the names of the ladies who help me around the house in front of the word self ;0)

I fell in love with the french ranges from a picture. Then, my sister and I read an article that described them as "jewellery for the kitchen" and "made to last for people who have real kitchens". Besides their good looks, their construction is solid and the burners are very powerful. I actually first read about Molteni here on Gardenweb from igloochic! Then I went to visit the Cdn office to see the component parts but I haven't seen an actual stove.

I was told that the side doors expose the mechanics of the unit for servicing.

susied3 - Not sure how much shipping would be either. But, I am very very excited about this opportunity (I think I've said that... several times...).

I really don't like to compete over things... especially since I have learned so much from Igloochic. I have sent a message to the craigslist posting.

igloochic - Are you seriously considering the range? If so, please let me know. Thanks!

Regardless if I get the stove or not, this certainly is a lot of fun! What a blessed day this has turned out to be!!!!

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I live in OKC and would be happy to go check this out for anyone seriously interested. That makes me helpful instead of nosy and interested, right? :)

It is so pretty! And useful!


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I am following with much interest and I hope someone buys this range and that it works out! Good luck!

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I am the owner of the Molteni on craigslist. It is for sale :-(. But I do not have the money to build a new home right now and it needs to be on display! If anyone has any questions let me know. I will have a picture of the top of the stove to show cooktop options tomorrow. I believe it had two burners on one side and a griddle on the other with the flat top in the center. The blue and chrome really pops! -Wise

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Well... the story continues. I spoke with the fellow selling the stove. IT IS FOR REAL!!!

mastiffmom_85 - Thanks for offering to check it out. I asked him if this would be okay (i.e. you going to look at the unit) and he said "definitely". Please contact me at for further details and thanks again for your assistance.

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4mamma!Itold you it was for real. I'm going up there on Saturday to pick up the hood that I bought from them. No need in someone else making a special trip when I'll be going anyway.
They are very nice people, honest, and I feel as if I know her as we had a very nice, long conversation..
She will probably let me take pictures, I will ask anything you are wanting to know, just shoot me a list.

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Is it too soon for Beagles to do a reno? That blue would look gorgeous in her kitchen!!!! (that she hasn't even moved into yet!)

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I am curious about what "Taking serious offers" means.


Any updates?

Did your DH look at it?

What did he think?

BTW, where are the promised pictures?

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Eleena, it is stored in a warehouse along with the other items they have for sale, it IS still crated, and they have day jobs. I'm sure they will post pictures when time allows.
I didn't even realize they had come to GW! I'd like to say WELCOME!! This is a great place to get new ideas and inspiration if you're thinking of doing anything to your kitchen!
They also have a new 48" Thermador Fridge, which if I didn't already have mine, I would be on it in a heartbeat! She could have equipped my entire kitchen had I found her sooner. Makes me sick! But, they've sold most, I think.

Beekeeperswife! Didn't think of Beagles! Wouldn't that blue match her kitchen perfectly?? But, doesn't she already have her range installed? Where does she live?

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Thanks for fielding my questions susied3. Since its impossible for me to get there, I would like a set of eyes to look at it and hands to touch it and tell me what you think. Also, I'm wondering if the unit has tarnished, rusted or corroded b/c it hasn't been used.

They also have a hood for sale, I am inquiring about it and I'll let you know if its available to look at.

Currently, I am trying to figure out the logistics of shipping the stove to Canada, warranties, etc. I have contacted my rep and I am hoping/praying that they will be able to help me out.

I'll keep y'all posted.

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4mamma, I bought the hood, that is why I am going there, to pick it up. They have two, a vent-a-hood insert and a 36" Bosch. I bought the vent-a-hood insert because it is the size needed for my 55" range. If you ended up getting the range, I don't think the Bosch would work.

They have a few other things for sale, and I intend on looking at what they have, I may be able to use some. Hopefully!

I'm definately going to look at it, I've already made arrangements to do that. So, I should be able to let you know everything about it. Hope everything works out for you!

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Thanks susied3. I look forward to hearing about what you see.

I have contacted a freight company, courtesy of deeageaux. They are preparing a price quote and have referred me to a customs broker.

I agree about the dishwasher... I plan to get a custom panel dishwasher. My previous dishwasher was a Bosch and it was super quiet... didn't even know when it was on. But my kids like to push the buttons, so I'm looking for something (probably another Bosch) with the buttons concealed. My youngest is 2 years so she loves buttons, dials, etc.

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4mamma, have you looked at Miele dishwashers? They are considered to be the best. I have two, a Futura Dimension and a Futura Classic. It would be good to compare the Bosch to the Miele in your decision process.

Good luck with the Molteni!!! Cheers!

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Which other items?

I am not far from Dallas and might be interested.

Could you list them here?


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Thanks for the suggestion clarygrace and the good wishes. I like positive vibes! I will look into Miele as well.

eleena - Here's a link to some of the other items listed on craigslist. Not sure if these are all of them.

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Oh nnnnoooo!!!!!!!! There's another person who is ready to buy the stove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've called and called and called flysullivan but I can't get through...... oh dear!!!

I also spoke with the Molteni reps and they are on board and will stand behind their product.

All I have to do now is pay for it... and I have no answer!!!!

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4mamma--You MUST get this Molteni....we need you to get it.

Keeping my fingers crossed and sending you out all the positive vibes I can.

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Thank you beekeeperswife. I happily receive your positive vibes.

I've never been SO invested in buying something... even getting something (jobs, contracts, etc). I`ve always believed that if its meant to be it will happen. Maybe I'm too emotionally involved with this stove. Oh oh... these aren`t positive thoughts.... so, I`ll stop...

I'm going to go wash dishes or something to make the time pass faster.

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4mamma, just got home from seeing the range. It is GEORGOUS! I took a few pictures, it is HEAVILY crated, so, they only wanted to pop the top and that's where I got the pictures. They took pictures the other day, haven't looked on appliances to see if they are there.
I have her phone number, but, it is her son who is doing the all the transactions.. She wasn't sure about what the current state was, but, she did mention Canada, so that was probably you?
DH was blown away. He's convinced it's built like the Army tanks. LOL. I actually think he wanted it. I know they talked to Molteni, got all the info and have it ready.
I will post the pictures in just a few minutes.
Good luck!

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Here are the pics!

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Eleena, I just now saw your question on what they have. All they have left is the 48"Thermador Fridge, the 36" Bosch SS Rangehood, a Bosch DW, and the range, of course. I saw it all, and everything is brand new, still tagged, boxed, or crated.

And 4mamma, they have all the original paperwork, registrations, and everything you need.

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What's Going On????

It's almost 5 pm on Sunday....there are no updates!!!


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Bee, I was wondering the same thing! Been watching for 4mamma to check back in since she knew I was going, but haven't seen her.
Sunday, maybe she's busy. Or maybe working on it. I was going to email her, but she doesn't have the option on her page. Was going to offer to call the owner and see if she could call her directly.
Anyway, I may call the owner later just because I'm curious. :)

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Thank you, ladies!

I was away from the computer all day and have just gotten back. I'll take a look.

I found their listings on Craig's list but was not sure which ones were still available.

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Hi... I'm back.

Sorry I disappeared... I took my daughter to the hospital yesterday. She was in +++ pain any time she went to the washroom. This may sound crude to some... but, she had blood in her urine! So, I spent the entire afternoon and evening at emergency with her. Turns out she has a nasty bladder infection and will need to be home for the next couple of days. So, needless to say my mind was kept busy with more than dishes!

Well... I am not the bearer of good news. As mentioned, someone appeared on the scene and bought the stove right out from under me. I had made arrangements with the son for the stove, but this other person made arrangements with the mom without the son knowing. By the time I found out on Saturday it was to late. I tried to indicate that I was on the scene first and was making the arrangements, but, this other person is smoother and talked money first. Anyhow, its the mom's stove and as we all know... mother knows best.

This person will be wiring the money today. Perhaps they won't come through and then I'll have a chance. Otherwise, I'm back to the drawing board :============ (that's me crying).

Mourning my Molteni.... Mamma

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Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I am sure you'll find a better stove, it always works out that way. :-)

By the time you paid shipping and customs, it might have come close to $20K anyway, right?

Just wanted to say a few things about your DD. Make sure she drinks a lot of cranberry juice. If she cannot stomach it, get cranberry tablets. I think regular pharmacies sell them but if not, then health food stores should have them.

If I remember correctly, blueberry helps too (just research it). If I remember more, I'll e-mail you some links. With UTI, it is very important NOT let it become chronic after the first acute episode. It is very hard to get rid of a chrocnic infection.

I feel your pain.

I hope your DD feels better.

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Thanks eleena! That's right... perhaps, the stove wouldn't have cleared customs and then I would be in a real pickle.

I never heard about cranberry tablets. I'll take a look for them. And, she loves blueberries.

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Sympathies. We were all rooting for you to have your Molteni as your desires were set there.
In some way, having the nearness of your daughter's illness so close to the other event helps to put into perspective what is really important. Ditto the cranberry juice and lots of liquids. Hope she is feeling better (and you are too).

Keep looking:-)

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I hope your DD is feeling better! Weren't you also considering the Lacanche? As a Lacanche lover I believe this is a sign that the Lacanche was what was really meant to be ;)

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Thanks everyone for your well wishes. My daughter is doing better but still complains of pains and discomfort. I'm sure another day at home she'll be back to her cheerful self.

So... I though perhaps chris11895 was right about me losing the deal so I decided to take another look at Lacanche. So yesterday, I went to see a Lacanche range. I was given a reference from the distributor in Montreal. Anyhow, I saw the most beautiful kitchen that I have ever ever seen. It was designed by Julie. Here's the link if you want to take a look.

The kitchen was so thoughtfully designed... for example, it had a WALK-IN fridge! I've seen walk-in fridges and freezers in the dark corners of a basement, but never integrated into a kitchen behind a custom panelled door. It was magnificent. The cabinetry was done in white with the island and hood vent in a darker wood. That same dark wood was then used in a banquette in the corner of the room.

I wish I took pictures to show... but, it was someone else's home.

The Lacanche was very nice and the owner just loved it. Prior to getting the stove, she didn't like to cook. But since the purchase (approx 5 months ago) she's been enjoying herself.

The sparkle in her and her husband's eyes (probably from their gleaming crystal chandeliers) showed me that you really have to go after what you love. Whether its a person, art, a hobbie, or a stove.

So, I am going to re-start my move to a Molteni! I'll post more about this under the appliances forum.

Thank you everyone for cheering me on with the sale of the crated Molteni. It was fun!

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Hi, Is the stove still for sale? Thanks

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Can anyone tell me what ended up happening to the Molteni Range? I would like to get it for my restaurant. Thank you.

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