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ConundrumsAugust 2, 2011

My pool is green and I need a plan to quickly, inexpensively make it look OK when a prospective buyer is coming! Unfortunately I do not have the time and money to properly get rid of all the algae and debris. I just want it to look blueish and so-so when a buyer comes by. It can look cloudy with dead algae and debris at the bottom.

From past experience with the pool, I believe I can add chlorine to shock levels, brush the pool once, and keep adding chlorine as long as I can. Preferrably 48 hours and preferrably brush the pool a second time, but again I am short on time.

After I shock it initally, I plan to bring it to shock levels every week if I can, but especially the day before someone comes to look. I am in a difficult situation and need to just make it look OK on the cheap. I have a vinyl liner which I don't want to ruin, but I am not worried about making it good enough to swim.

My question is about the CYA, TA, and other chemical levels I need to worry about. I don't fully understand and wanted to verify. I think I understand pH but not the others. My plan is to lower the pH to 7.0 every time before I shock. After I shock I believe the pH will go up on its own. Does the rain also cause pH to go up if inches get in the pool? I thought this was a problem.

With CYA I know the chlorine I add goes farther if I have a low CYA. However doesn't the low CYA cause me trouble after I shock, it makes the chlorine less stable so it breaks down faster in the sunlight? So should I go ahead and do 30ppm CYA now before shocking the first time, or only start adding it after the first major shock? I do not know my current CYA but I'm assuming 20-30. It might be less and certainly not more. I am not sure I can cover the pool in between every viewer, so it may get a lot of sunlight. I believe it helps save money on chlorine if I can block a lot of sunlight.

All I know how to do is raise CYA and TA when needed, lower pH as needed, and add the chlorine (raising pH goes with it). For TA do I need to do anything besides make sure it doesn't go below 80 or above 120? I'm pretty sure my TA is always low, same with my CYA, so I never worried about lowering them. I seem to have problems with keeping my TA up due to always adding shock chlorine and raising pH. Also I hate to use so much pH lowering acid. Last year I kept running in these 2 problems and maybe other problems. I was confused and still am, because of how one can affect the other. What else do I need to worry about or learn about?

Thank you!

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If you want to spend less, get rid of the algae and keep the pool balanced.

Vacuum dead algae out to waste. By brushing and repeatedly shocking, you are just breaking it down into smaller bits, often too small to filter out.

If it's already at that point, floc the pool. Floc comes in a variety of brands, both powdered and liquid. I prefer the liquids. By using floc, all the crud in suspension will drop to the bottom, ready for you to vacuum it out.

If you read Pool School, you will have a much better understanding of pool chems, how they interact, what to use, and how much of what.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool School

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