Basketball hoop

GoofyYnoAugust 29, 2011

Why are the deck mounted basketball hoops so expensive? the ones with bases seem to cost less- I know they are not mades as well, but I'm broke after building the pool:(

also, why to target and walmart only sell theirs via internet. Normally I wouldn't care, but I need something by labor day.

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If you have a Leslies pool supply near you, they sell a decent one with a base for $100 and you can usually find a coupon for $15 percent off.

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That's the problem- I put in a sleeve for the pole, but can't find a cheap hoop for it. seems silly to get one with a stand now. Can you remove the stand, and just put the pole in the sleeve? or maybe I can just buy a pole and attach a acrylic backboard?

I think Leslie's is the only place that has anything around here. I will go buy there on Thursday when I'm off.

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You could always make one.....

A buddy of mine constructed one out of a worn out umbrella pole. Used plywood as the backboard, and a simple rim/net to finish it up. Said it was pretty easy, and obviously pretty cheap.

May not last as long as a plastic one, but should last a couple of years at least.

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