Spider Gasket and Heatpump LCD

gogators93August 22, 2011

I have a two questions if anyone can help.

1. I have a Jandy Multiport Valve model number A0553645 that needs a new spider gasket which I am having trouble locating to purchase. I think they are called Zodiak now and I can find the assemblies but not the gasket. I found some other brands of multiport valves that look just like these so maybe one of those will work. Also, when replacing these, do you need to use marine silicone when you install these on the bottom?

2. I have an Aquacal Heatwave H125 Heatpump that is eight years old and the LCD panel that displays and lets you adjust the temp is failing and unreadable. I see some screws where the panel comes off but I was wondering if the LCD is serviceable itself or do I have to purchase an entire panel.

Thanks for any help!

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The rebuild kit for your MPV is part number R0444000. I saw a few places on line for under $50.


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Thank You! I have looked some up and found them. Just curious, what all is in a rebuild kit?

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